Thursday 13th June 2024,
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Video : Japan – Islamist Vandalises Shinto Shrine

An African Islamist migrant was arrested under suspicion of vandalizing a Shinto shrine in Japan while proclaiming ‘the only god is Allah,’ according to reports.

Surveillance footage shows an African male clad in yellow garb striding across the grounds at Mizuoka Hachiman Shrine before stopping to kick and smash items at an offertory box.

(Mizuoka Hachiman Shrine, chief priest) “It’s really disappointing, I can only say that. ‘ “I heard that a woman who was praying at the time was told, ‘Don’t pray here because there is no god here, because there is only Allah, the god of Islam.”

Mamadou Balde (29), an unemployed citizen of the Republic of Gambia and living in Tarumi Ward, was arrested on suspicion of damaging property,” MBS News reports.

Another security camera also showed him tearing off a bamboo tube from the chozuya, where he cleanses his hands, and slamming a wooden box on top of another offertory box.”



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