Monday 22nd July 2024,
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Video : Khalistani’s Deliver Cow Urine To Indian High Commission

Video : Khalistani’s Deliver Cow Urine To Indian High Commission

With the permission of the UK police present, KhaliNazis drenched an Indian Flag with cow urine outside the Indian High commission in London.

We never see such extreme bravery with pork being delivered to the Embassy of Pakistan that has occupied Emperor Ranjit Singh’s Lahore and the rest of Punjab where many thousands of Sikhs were killed during partition in 1947 but even in recent times since 2013 where 30 Sikh politicians, activists, and businessmen have been killed by islamists.

We never seen such bravery outside Afghanistan’s embassy either when 19 Sikhs were killed in a IS-K suicide bomb attack at a Sikh temple in the eastern city of Jalalabad or when 25 worshipers were killed when IS-K militants stormed a Sikh temple in Kabul which led as many as 1,500 Sikhs to leave and go to the same country for safety that these khalistanis laughingly are drenching its flag with cow urine.


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