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Video : Vivek Ramaswamy Exposes Saudi Involvement in 9/11

Video : Vivek Ramaswamy Exposes Saudi Involvement in 9/11
Republican presidential candidate Vivek Ramaswamy has cast doubt on official reports on the 9/11 attacks in September 2001. For this, he has been labelled a conspiracy theorist for claiming the attacks were some sort of inside job. But actually, doubts were cast even at the time. 

In his 2005 book House of Bush, House of Saud, Craig Unger (former editor-in-chief of Boston Magazine) opens with the startling revelation that while all flights were grounded after 9/11, Saudis in America were exempt from this. This was part of a bizarre relationship in which Islamic radicalism and America, especially its business interests, turned a blind eye to each due to temporary and shaky common interests:

America, the beacon of democracy, was to arm and protect a brutal theocratic monarchy. The United States, sworn defender of Israel, was also the guarantor of security to the guardians of Wahhabi Islam, the fundamentalist religious sect that was one of Israel’s and America’s mortal enemies.

The Bush family, perhaps the nearest thing America has to an aristocracy, invested heavily in the private equity firm known as the Carlyle Group. By this Bush was not only linked to the Saudis but also that theocracy’s most prestigious family, the Bin Ladens.

In the 1980s Saudi helped furnish American arms to the Afghan mujahadeen fighting the Soviets and encouraged jihad against the atheist USSR. Vice-President Bush supported sending money to the Saudi-backed Mahtab al-Khidamant which was later linked to the 1993 bombing of the World Trade Centre in New York. Prince Bandar bin Sultan bin Abdul Aziz, who has served as Saudi ambassador to the USA, met a charismatic young man who had left a life of luxury to fight on this frontline in Afghanistan. This twentysomething told Bandar of his gratitude to the Americans for their help in fighting the Soviet infidels. This man was Osama bin Laden. Bush Sr. himself visited the region and praised the jihadis.
During the elections which followed Clinton’s presidency the Saudi links of Bush Jr. were scarcely mentioned. Yet Saudi Arabia gave $2.5 million to Bush’s charities. American Muslim commentator Stephen Sulayman Schwarz further revealed a powerful Wahhabi lobby at work with Saudis giving money to CAIR, AMC and MPAC, while the Bush campaign strategist Grover Norquist actively courted the support of radical Islam in electing Bush.

Hence his soft line to the terrorist state even after 9/11. He pointedly ignored the Saudi role in the terrorist attack even while Abu Zulaydah, an al-Qaeda operative caught in Peshawar on 28 March 2002, broke under interrogation to reveal links to Prince Sultan and Prince Fahd bin Turki bin Saud al-Kabir.

He also confessed that Saudi Arabia’s Prince Ahmed knew that 9/11 was going to take place. By attacking Iraq, Bush not only deflected attention from the real culprits but also did Osama’s dirty work for him.

India’s defence minister, George Fernandes, said Bin Laden was there with the knowledge of Pakistani intelligence. But America followed the line of their best buddy ally Pakistan by ignoring such claims. Yet this is exactly where he was found and killed in Pakistan after Bush had left office, and Obama became president.  Now with President Biden’s Declassifying Secret FBI Report Detailing Saudi Nationals’ Connections To 9/11 proves what most normal people knew already. So perhaps Ramaswamy’s claims do not seem so outlandish after all. 


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