Tuesday 23rd July 2024,
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Video : Watch and Learn Real Hinduism In Practice

Nicely scripted and acted but the techniques and style reflect that even wearing saffron doesn’t mean you go and hide in some cave in the Himalayas renouncing the world in the hope the Yeti is vegetarian. But Hinduism comes in a package from elevating you spiritually, keeping you mentally focused while physically confident to unleash Kshatriya muscle power when need be.  It’s a perfect system…

Anyone who knows Hindu history knows very well that many Hindu gurus/swamis often were the ones who inspired the Hindu warriors into battle. We see this from the time Yogi Gorakhnāth who inspires Bappā Rāwal against Arab Caliphate armies in the 8th century or Guru Vidyaranya around the 14th century inspiring the Hindu warriors of Vijayanagara Empire down south or later Guru Samarth Ramdas inspiring Shivaji of the Maratha Hindus in the 17th century that destroyed the Mughal Empire eventually.


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