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Ban Cow Slaughter Says Muslim Gaurakshak Sammelan

Ban Cow Slaughter Says Muslim Gaurakshak Sammelan

Raipur, March 27: The Muslim Gaurakshak Sammelan held under the auspices of Muslim Rashtriya Manch (MRM) has demanded that cow be declared ‘National Animal’ and complete ban be enforced on its slaughter for the betterment of the people and environment.

In a resolution passed at the end of the two-day first ever conference of Muslims engaged in cow rearing and protection, the MRM perhaps created a new history. Muslims and cow slaughter are inseparably common. But to the surprise of many this was an altogether new dimension and aspect of the Muslim psyche that was opened to the general masses through this conference.

The two-day event was held at Raipur on March 25-26, 2014 in which over 200 Muslims from Punjab, Delhi, Haryana, Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, Maharashtra, Gujarat, Karnataka, Bihar and Rajasthan participated and exchanged their views

Reading out the resolution to the assembled gathering Indresh Kumar, Patron of MRM congratulated the participants for courageously speaking on the most sensitive issue. Terming this conference as the world’s first such event, he said during the 1857 war Bahadurshah Jafar had imposed ban on cow slaughter. He even reminded the audience of Mahatma Gandhi’s commitment to and faith in cow protection for ushering in Ramrajya in India. But lamented that after the independence the Congress party which claimed itself to be true follower of Mahatma’s legacy allowed the slaughtering of cow. The resolution demanded complete ban on cow slaughter and a strict central legislation for its effective enforcement. The MRM would approach the United Nations urging them to direct their member nations to take steps to ban cow slaughter for the welfare of humanity. Cow is the mother of the universe, the resolution said.

 $img_titleThe resolution also urged all the heads of various religions like Christianity, Islam, Judaism, Jainism, Buddhism, Sanatana, Sikhism, etc. to spread the message of saving the cows for the welfare and wellbeing of humanity. The resolution called upon the central and state governments to encourage cow-based small industries and popularize organic farming and provide marketing facility for the products.

The conference also called upon the government to free the grazing land from encroachments and make stringent laws to safeguard them from encroachers in future. Similarly, it also demanded a complete ban on export of beef and closing all abattoirs in the country.

The resolution also appealed to all the members of the society to devote sometime in the service of cow and its progeny. The government should constitute commission to look after cow and its progeny; cow-based farming, and other such activities. The commission should have its network upto district levels.

The resolution said that the Holy Koran has dedicated its first chapter “Sura Bakra” to the cow. Even the Prophet had ruled against eating beef as its caused diseases but at the same time encouraged consumption of milk and ghee as they are health tonics.

At the holy Mecca, no cow is sacrificed in the past 1432 years. Therefore, the issue of cow slaughter is more of a political in nature and it should be looked from the point of view of human welfare, environment protection. Dar-Ul-Uloom Devband has also issued fatwas on a number of occasions against cow slaughter, the resolution said. The resolution was signed by MRM National Convener Mohd Afzal, Sayyad Muzaffar Ali, Sayyad Yasar Arafat, Karnataka, Maulana Vahidulah Ansari ‘Chaturvedi’, Tayyab Qureshi, INdresh Kumar, Rehana Khan, Najma Khan, Reshma Hussain, and many others.


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