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Britain won’t interfere in Kashmir issue, keen to host PM Modi: David Cameron

Britain won’t interfere in Kashmir issue, keen to host PM Modi: David Cameron

London: British Prime Minister David Cameron has reiterated that the United Kingdom wants deeper ties with India and claimed that the two democracies face many similar challenges while also making it aptly clear that his government will never interfere in the highly vexed Kashmir issue.

The Conservative Party leader was on Tuesday quoted as saying to a TV news channel, “We are two great democracies that face many of the same challenges. We need more economic growth, we need more investment in trade. We both have to fight extremism and terrorism. These are shared challenges that Britain and India should face together.”

The British Prime Minister, who is seeking re-election in the 2015 polls, also sought to woo the vast Indian population living in UK by calling for greater ties between the two countries.

“There are over 800 thousand British Hindus and I think they already play an important role in elections. They are an important influence in our economy. And I think it is right that all the political parties listen to them. I know that my party wants to celebrate the contributions made by British Indians to our country and also forge strong relationship with India,” Cameron was quoted as saying.

The British leader also expressed his desire to host Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

“He (Modi) has an open invitation. My Deputy PM, my Chancellor and my Foreign Secretary have all been to India and met Prime Minister Modi. I have made 3 visits to India as PM and am looking forward to making further visits as well. But there is an open invitation for PM Modi to come here and we will give him a warm welcome,” he said.

Importantly, Cameron indicated that Britain did not intend to intervene in the Kashmir dispute between India and Pakistan by saying, “It is the engagement between the two nations and that is for these countries to lead thes debate on this issue and not for others to interfere.”

Cameron was amongst the first world leaders to congratulate Narendra Modi on his historic win in the recently concluded Lok Sabha elections.

During his telephonic conversation with Modi, Cameron had congratulated the BJP leader for winning more votes than any other politician in the universe during his phone call.

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