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Human Traffic : Destination Hyderabad

Human Traffic : Destination Hyderabad

The smuggling in of human refugees into a sovereign country without valid papers of entry visas is called human trafficking.

If the humans happen to be refugee victims of persecution then it requires taking the consent of host countries through the United Nations agency and allocated by them between nations that agree to take them going by quotas.

All this must first get the approval of the concerned nation’s Parliament and again only after a suitable legislation.

First let us remind ourselves how a group of Hindus visiting India from Pakistan were mercilessly ‘exposed’ by the Indian media as possible asylum seekers. They were merrily made to guarantee the Pakistani government that they wouldn’t escape the persecution at Pakistan and will return promptly after the Pilgrimage.

The persecution of Hindu Sikh minorities of Islamist Pakistan is well documented. Their natural right to first choice of making safe home at India –whose partition without their consent is what landed them at the wolves’ doors, if they seek safety is therefore not just a humanitarian cause. But still they were ‘exposed’ as though that would be illegal if they used pilgrim visas to escape the horrendous persecution at Pakistan.

The same media now uses a different language helping a gross violation of Indian sovereignty and International refugee norms between UN and host nations- is hushed up and presented as a humanitarian operation.

In reality this is an Illegal Human trafficking by non state agencies and a rabid expansion of the Infiltration project into North East India whose disastrous results we witnessed with 400,000 internally displaced thanks to large scale pogroms against natives.

The recent ethnic disturbances at Burma aren’t isolated events but a part of a larger ‘disturbance’ orchestrated by Islamists that started in Pakistan on the eve of Ramadan as attacks on Shias and internecine bombings and later in central India as sporadic clashes then Eastern India at Assam as a massive upheaval and at Burma as wide spread rioting between Buddhists and the Rohingiyas.

Infiltration, Rioting, Ethnic Cleansing, and now human trafficking

Now the same Jihad and its aftermath are presented as persecution of Muslims everywhere and masses agitated towards mob violence creating a vicious cycle- where Islamists drum up the movement.

We saw this at Mumbai already- when a mob went on rampage supposedly in protest against riots at Burma and Assam- a violent protest to protest violence elsewhere!

According to The Indian Express, a confidential report had been sent to the Mumbai Police Commissioner that he should expect “law and order problems,” especially because Muslims were being told in their mosques during Friday prayers to attend the Saturday protests. They were being pumped up on stories of atrocities on Muslims in Myanmar and Assam. (Mumbai violence: Reinventing the Muslim victimhood stance by R Jagannathan)

As a part of this grander Islamist operation- Hyderabad is now quietly chosen for infiltration by Rohingiya Muslims.

The media takes up the spin of this most dangerous Infiltration by a disturbed ethnic entity fresh with resentment and hostility towards perceived ‘kafirs’ under the auspice of radical Islamist organizations and outfits.

The Police expectedly according the media reports are turning the other way and doing nothing which isn’t surprising given the political clout of Islamist MIM and other outfits.

A media report filed by Mohammed Siddique in Hyderabad pleads the cause-Though the Hyderabad city police have their details and is keeping a tab on them, they have so far not taken any action against them keeping in view their current situation. “The police has been very cooperative”, said Mazhar Hussain.

Deputy Commissioner of police, South Zone, Akun Sabharwa, said that he had visited all the places where these people were staying.

“These people are staying with the Burmese families who had come to the city in the past and have the refugee status,” he said. These victims, now staying in dargahs in Balapur and Bahadurpura areas of old city of Hyderabad, have come with horrendous stories of massacre and other atrocities by the Buddhist majority of Myanmar backed by the security forces.

The asylum seekers, who entered India at the international border in West Bengal  illegally chose Hyderabad as their destination as some refugees from Myanmar have already been staying in the city for the last two-three years.

The payoff to Islamist radicals and the pro Jihadi Indian Parties are obvious-the Infiltrator settlers would be displayed as proof of universal Muslim victimization, and the need for Indian muslims to join radical Islamist groups and turn more Jihadist. The grateful Resettlers that are actually infiltrators would naturally join the vanguard of Jihadist action inside India and which will provide a channel to vent their anger and revenge- the kafir Hindus will sooner than later face all this music.

The incendiary statement of Asaduddin Owaisi in parliament the other day, where he “warned the central government…” about a “third wave of radicalisation among Muslim youth”, and another one right at the protest venue (where one speaker talked about biased media coverage) are clear examples of Muslim leaders trying to engender feelings of victimization among Muslims.

We kept silent as Assam and the North east were overrun by illegal infiltrator settlements. Now this fire has come to our backyards using much the same logic and strategy- it now arrives at our metros starting with Hyderabad.

India is quietly becoming a Bodoland.


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