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London : Christian Inculturation at Diwali Event with the blessings of the VHP

London : Christian Inculturation at Diwali Event with the blessings of the VHP

The 11th Diwali celebration at the Ilford Exchange ( london)  passed uneventfully except for for the underhand insertion of a tribute to Jesus performed by the young BharatNatyam artiste . It was the penultimate item in a programme of South Indian classical dance.

A discerning on looker  having come to participate in a celebration of the Hindu festival of Diwali, was at first puzzled , then confused, finally realising that the dance /music item struck a discordant note

Such underhand manipulations are bad enough but what was even worse was the reaction of a Diwali Organizing Committee member who also holds a senior position at the local VHP temple. The confused onlooker contacted  the said committee member to express their concerns only to be airily dismissed by him and patronisingly admonished not to hold divisive and sectarian views.

The original  communication of protest  was forwarded to the person responsible for ,among other things , the Bharat Natyam programme  ( Dhruv Arts) who was scathing, ridiculing  and sneering in their reaction , quoting the familiar canard that the  Indian dance and Western  music homage to Jesus was “taken out of context”.

The protester  who was put in their place was referred to as an “ass” whilst the Dhruv Arts individual claimed  himself  to be a “passionate Hindu”.  If , as a “passionate Hindu” the Dhruv individual  sees nothing wrong  with the young Christian dancer using the Celebration of Diwali to act as a cover to celebrate the coming of Jesus Christ  then the outlook for Hindu society in the UK looks even more ominous than it did before.

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