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The Kurukshetra of Our Times

The Kurukshetra of Our Times

After the discrimination lawsuit falsely accusing Cisco management and employees of “acting according to Hindu religious norms” in California, the anti-Hindu campaign is striking again, this time with the infamous “Dismantling Global Hindutva” conference organised in the USA by involving several Universities and academic institutions.

In the ongoing war to destroy the last ancient non-Abrahamic religion and culture on the planet, the unholy alliance of Abrahamic and post-Abrahamic militant groups has launched another attack to defame Hinduism by presenting it (on the remembrance day of the fateful 9/11, no less) as “the real terrorist movement” that needs to be “dismantled”.

The real fact is that, unlike the supranational imperialistic intolerant ideologies behind the organisers of the event, Hinduism has never endorsed (what to speak of supporting or ordering) terrorism or aggression of any type, either historically or scripturally.

  This vicious unprovoked war against Hinduism has been going on for a long time, causing huge damage not only to Hindus and the Indian subcontinent but to the entire humankind, because it has created serious obstacles to the proper appreciation of a culture that made human society thrive for thousands of years creating fabulous prosperity, wealth, knowledge, scientific advancement, freedom, safety, joyful celebration and a quality of life described as “magical” without damaging the harmony with Nature. Something that our present world desperately and urgently needs.

That happy culture suffered the first serious attack when the holy land of Bharata Varsha was subjected to the Abrahamic Islamic terrorism in the expansionistic jihad campaign of looting, raping, killing and enslaving that lasted several centuries.

Hindus had successfully stopped Alexander the Great, who was a straightforward warrior, turning him into a passionate supporter of the knowledge and science India had to offer, so that for centuries Greek scholars flocked to Indian universities and a great library flourished in Alexandria.

Hindus had also welcomed many uncivilised tribes that migrated into the subcontinent fascinated by its material riches and embraced Hinduism to become a part of that splendid civilisation. But the new aggression was of a different kind. It was not a straightforward battle played on valour and strength: it was a sneaky, dirty, mean, cruel and deceitful campaign by people who operated on the principle of deceit – in Arabic language, TAQIYYA.

The same principle of false propaganda has been amply used by Christian imperialists to dismantle the ancient “pagan” religions and cultures of Europe, and continued to be applied by colonial regimes all
over the world and especially against India and Hinduism.

“This edition of mine and the translation of the Veda will hereafter tell to a great extent on the fate of India, and on the growth of millions of souls in that country. It is … the only way of uprooting all that has been sprung from it during the last three thousand years…and that is of a more degraded and savage character than the worship of Jupiter, Apollo or Minerva… It may have but served to prepare the way of Christ… India is much riper for Christianity than Rome or Greece were at the time of Saint Paul.” Max Muller, 1878

“The chief obstacle to the spread of Christianity in India is that these people are proud of their traditions and religion… For what purpose then has this enormous territory been committed to England? Not to be the ‘corpus vile’ of political, social, or military experiments; not for benefit of our commerce, or the increase of our wealth – but that every man, woman and child, from Cape Comorin to the Himalaya mountains, may be elevated, enlightened Christianized… When the walls of the mighty fortress of Brahmanism are encircled, undermined and finally stormed by the soldiers of cross, the victory of Christianity must be signal and complete” Monier Monier-Williams, Boden Chair in Sanskrit studies, Oxford University, 1877

“It is my belief that if our plans of education are followed up, there will not be a single idolator among the respectable classes in Bengal thirty years hence… No Hindu who has received an English education ever remains sincerely attached to his religion.”
Thomas Babbington Macaulay (1836), first Legislator Lord under the General Governor of India

After the end of the British empire, the colonialist propaganda continued under the garb of socialist/communist doctrines during the unfortunate politics of the Cold War, and the leftist liberals are still victims of the false propaganda of Marxist academic scholars.

“The question, therefore, is not whether the English had a right to conquer India, but whether we are to prefer India conquered by the Turk, by the Persian, by the Russian, to India conquered by the Briton. England had to fulfil a double mission in India: one destructive, the other regenerating – the annihilation of the old Asiatic society, and the laying of a material foundation of Western society in India” Karl Marx, Article in the New York Daily Tribune, 1853

What was passed for “the white man’s burden” has actually always been the “burden of the Abrahamic (and post-Abrahamic) man”, as we can see that the Islamic and communist modus operandi is precisely the same of the colonial British regime.

And now that the toxic Abrahamic ideologies are at the end of their rope because of their spectacular failure and they are losing credibility fast, they are making a last-ditch desperate effort to destroy its greatest competition, with yet another disgraceful hate campaign disguised as “academic dialogue”.

This new offensive builds on the widespread and deeply rooted misconception that Hindutva is a sort of “saffron terrorism” fundamentally different from the tolerant, inclusive and pacifist Hinduism. Such misconception is fueled by two extremes of ignorance and misinformation, and too often supported (more or less deliberately) by traitors and naive “useful idiots”.

Hindutva simply literally means “the awareness of being Hindu”, as opposed to the confused, superficial, sentimentalistic, uninformed and vague idea of “all religions are the same”, where the word “dharma” is systematically mistranslated as “religion”, thus assigning an equal (if not an inferior) position to Hinduism in respect to ADHARMIC faiths claiming that “God’s orders” must be blindly followed even against the most fundamental principles of natural, eternal and universal ethics such as compassion, tolerance, inclusiveness, cooperation, and respect for Nature. 

For those shameless aggressors, a cow must be called a criminal and a “bovine terrorist” if she just makes some attempts at defending herself and her calf from the butcher. This is the time to become serious. What needs to be “dismantled” is the ignorant adharmic propaganda, not Hinduism. We need to unite to defend Dharma, renouncing sectarianism, selfishness and egotism.

Please write to the universities mentioned by the organisers of the Conference, and ask them to
dissociate themselves from the hate campaign against Hinduism.

The following is a template for the protest email.

Dear President and esteemed university administrators,

I am writing to you to express my serious concern regarding an event to be held September 10-12, 2021, entitled “Dismantling Global Hindutva” (DGH). This event is being promoted as co-sponsored by your Institution with your Institution’s name and logo appearing on the DGH website, promotional materials, and social media posts.

If this event is not endorsed by your Institution, or if the logo is being utilized in contravention to university policy, i request that you:

1. ask the event organizers to remove your University’s name and logo from its website, promotional materials, and social media posts,

2. ensure the safety and wellbeing of Hindu students, faculty, and staff on your campus who may feel targeted, threatened, or face hostility or harassment as a result of this partisan, anti-Hindu event.

The DGH organizers trade on the prestige of your Institution’s name to host, not an academic conference, but a political hate campaign against Hinduism spearheaded by militant activists with extensive histories of amplifying Hinduphobic discourse even while denying the existence of Hinduphobia.

Several of the speakers in this event have been closely identified with extremist communist outfits like Maoists and Naxalites, that have vowed to overthrow the democratically elected government of India through a violent armed struggle.

Hindutva has been described in many different ways, but in its true essence, it means Hindu-ness or being Hindu. This is the definition that the native practitioners of the Hindu culture express, believe, and practice on a daily basis. To explain even further, there have been Supreme Court judgements which
have verified the above statement as well:

Supreme Court of India – Equivalent citation: 1996 AIR 1113, 1996 SCC (1) 130. (Please see link provided at the end of this mail)

By using this nomenclature (i.e. Hindutva) in their flyer, the organizers intend to justify a reason to rob each Hindu at global level of the essence of being a Hindu. Such stereotyping and singling out a deep, tolerant and inclusive faith and culture, by presenting it as “saffron terrorism” is dangerous and incites
intolerance, hatred and violence against Indians and Hindus at global level.

(Please see link provided at the end of this mail)

India has given more to the world than the world can ever give back. Yoga, Ahimsa, Ayurveda, the decimal number system and other important mathematical knowledge, and much more. While academics at your Institution may choose to engage in political partisan activism concerning India, we hope you would agree that your Institution should not. In fact, strict neutrality and independence are critical to the integrity of academic institutions. The use of your University’s name and logo, in this regard, implies overt institutional partisanship and endorsement of the event’s political and discriminatory motives.

Therefore I request you to remove your University’s name and logo from the DGH website, promotional materials, and social media posts.

The messaging and the imagery on the flyer provokes violence, which would scare any student who identifies himself/herself as a Hindu on the campus. Please make an effort to ensure the safety and wellbeing of Hindu students, faculty, and staff on your campus leading up to the DGH event, and provide support and protection to those who may feel targeted, threatened, or face hostility or harassment as a result of this divisive event. Hindu students are already targeted and report feeling under attack for opposing Hinduphobic depictions of their religion in the classroom and for opposing anti-Hindu hate on college campuses, and this event will inevitably
aggravate such persecution.

Thank you for your attention and for urgently addressing this distressing matter unfolding with the
apparent support of your University.

I request you to please let me know the action taken by your University to distance itself from this event.
Thanks and regards

Event details:

To be sent to:;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;

About The Author

Mataji Parama Karuna Devi started to study and practice Vedic knowledge in 1970. In 1978 she left her home and career to move into the local Iskcon ashram in Italy, And actively worked at the translation and publication of the literary works of the founder or the movement, as well as at the personal service of the Deities in the temple and in preaching. Starting from 1984, she extensively traveled around the Indian subcontinent, from the Himalayan foothills to the extreme south, in a cultural and spiritual full immersion, living as a local person among the local people, attending the traditional Hindu temples and meeting many extraordinary personalities at a very high level in the religious field. In 1986 she officially left Iskcon, dissociating herself from the Organization's policies and conclusions. and started her own preaching center in Italy, also publishing several study guides, translations, and religious and spiritual texts. In 1994 she moved to Jagannatha Puri in Orissa, where she established the Jagannatha Vallabha Vedic Research Center and actively participated to the cultural and religious life of the orthodox Hindu community. Under the tutelage of the deula purohita of Sri Jagannatha Puri Mandir, she underwent the suddhi, prayaschitta, vratyastoma and diksha rituals characteristic of the ancient vratya tradition of Orissa. Among her works: a pilgrimage guide to Jagannatha Puri (Puri, the Home of Lord Jagannatha), an extensive commentary on Bhagavad gita, a summary study on Bhagavata Purana, a translation of the major 108 Upanishads, an Introduction to Vedic knowledge, and a multi-volume research on the life and teachings of Krishna Chaitanya.

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