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The Labour Party : Anti Modi & Anti India ?

The Labour Party : Anti Modi & Anti India ?

Whilst you and I, and a billion other people around the world rejoiced the historic visit of Prime Minister Shri Modiji to the UK, a more sinister and troubling underbelly of the Labour Party was exposed for all to see.

Readers will be aware that well before the general elections I had exposed Labour and its anti-Modi, anti-India and even anti-Hindu stance.   At that time Jeremy Corbyn was an unknown, but I had shown to you that he was very much comfortable with the extremist in society.  He was very friendly with the Pakistani mobs, the Pakistani Kashmiri Separatist and extremist organisations such as ‘Avaaz’.

Many of you heeded my observations and you took that monumental step not to vote for Labour.  You made the right call and I trust you will see increasingly how right you were not to trust Labour.

So what has got me upset sufficiently that I have resurrected Kapil’s Khichadi?  For me the matter has and will always be simple.  If any politician or political party threatens the stability and future prospects of our community, or attempts to undermine our Dharma – then they have to be exposed.  Full Stop.  I know there are many very powerful people from within our community who are staunch supporters of Labour.  In fact they tried everything to high-jack PM Modiji’s visit to make it a Labour event.  Instead it became their biggest disaster imaginable.  PM Cameron took centre stage with PM Modiji – you could see the shock and horror on the faces of the Labour slaves.  This was their worst nightmare unfolding in front of their eyes.  On one side PM Modi the leading political leader of our time that Labour is against, and on the other side their local nemesis, PM Cameron. Oh what a show they put on of great unity between our two great nations.  That’s one in the eye to these Labour lackeys.

Their leader, Jeremy Corbyn failed to turn up to every single event in which PM Modiji was taking part or was being honoured.  This includes ALL formal national events in Parliament, as well as those honouring our heroes such as Mahatma Gandhiji and our cultural heritage.

Jeremy Corbyn showed total disrespect for India, the Indian PM and every Indian in the world.  In order for Jeremy to appease to his Muslim Pakistani vote bank, he undermined the future prospects of the whole of the United Kingdom.  Tens of thousands of jobs are dependent on Indian companies and Indian investment into the UK. And the potential to increase this significantly over the coming decade has severely been compromised by a Party Leader who cares less about his country, less about the traditions of his country and even less about its people.  This is the man who is willing to compromise the security of our nation so he can remain buddies with some of his extremist friends here in the UK as well as abroad.

I am still waiting for leading MPs of Indian origin from the Labour Party to openly and without reservation denounce their leader for his disgraceful behaviour.  I will not accept any half-baked weasel words.  I want to see them come out and attack this incompetent Labour leader with utter bluntness.  After all it was their leader who elected to disrespect the largest democracy in the world in such an open manner.

PM Modi came to the UK with a mandate that was greater than all Prime Ministers and Presidents of the EU countries put together.  A fact that Jeremy Corbyn and his ilk just could not stomach or comprehend.

The Labour Party has gone Sharia.  I had warned AV readers and the nation of this several years ago.  The Labour Party is now led by a group of dim wits with half-baked ideas about governance.  They will readily appease the dictators and the extremists in the Middle East, South America or even some closer to home.  Ludicrous as it may sound, but it seems Jeremy Corbyn wanted to capture ‘Jihadi John’ than to obliterate that excuse of a human being to kingdom come.  Now it seems he is unsure whether we should allow our security forces to shoot terrorist on sight. Incredible as that might sound, but this man actually thinks we should allow mad terrorist the right to go about their business and tie the hands of our security forces at the same time.  Can his madness get any worse?  Do you really want to jeopardise the nation’s future to find out?

So what is the message for you the readers?  For you the Indian Diaspora?  Well my friends it is simple, there comes a time when we all have to make that call for truth and justice.  For being on the right side of Dharma and on the right side of history.  Either you can remain deluded and blind to what is unfolding in front of your eyes, or you can take note and make changes to your voting behaviour.

modi-uk-1The Labour Party is dead.  It is now in the hands of extremists who are against you.  They have shown this very clearly.  There is now no doubt since their behaviour during PM Modiji visit showed us what they are, a bunch of left-wing nutters indulging in their prejudices.

The London Mayoral elections will be with us soon.  I hope you exercise your civic right and vote for the right person and party.  Just in case there still remain a few deluded souls out there, yes Labours’ Sadiq Khan also ignored PM Modiji!

In Kapil’s Khichadi I don’t sit on the fence or try to be ‘politically correct’.  Frankly I don’t have time or patience for such rubbish.  It is now time for our community, our media and yes, our politicians to recognise what is happening and see the bigger picture.  If we don’t get our act together, believe me there will be no future left for the generations to come.  Don’t let your future generations judge you by your inaction today.  It is time to recognise your duty.  Your duty to the nation, your duty to your community, your duty to your dharma and yes, your duty to the legacy you leave behind.

When PM Modiji referred to PM Cameron as his brother, I understood the clear message he was giving to all of us.  I get it, do you?  PM Modiji’s visit will be remembered for this:

Wake up oh sons and daughters of Bharat Varsh. History demands of you, your sacrifice and service for the protection of the nation.

By Kapil Dudakia

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