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UK based Christian body extend helping hand to family of Hindu girls

UK based Christian body extend helping hand to family of Hindu girls

UK-based British Pakistani Christian Association (BPCA) has extended help to the family members of two Hindu minor girls Reena and Raveen who , in recent, past were abducted and forcibly converted to Islam and later married to Muslims men.

While talking to TOI over phone from London on Friday, president of BPCA Wilson Chaudhary informed that a representatives of BPCA met parents and brother of the girls to offer medical and legal help. “We have paid for the petition filed in Bahawalpur high court and the medical expenses to the family,’’said Wilson.

He informed that the independent investigations carried out by BPCA revealed that both the girls were minor. Raveena was born in 2004 while Reena was born in 2006. BPCA president informed that not only the Hindu but Christian girls were also being abducted and forcibly converted to Islam.


“Few days ago a 15 year old Shalet Javed left her family home in Dhandra following an altercation with her sibling . She went to a trusted muslim family friend Goshi who forced him into sexual slavery to an unknown muslim man. The girl had now been rescued from her captor and had given testimony of her ordeal,’’ said Chaudhary.

Alleging that the kidnapping of Hindu and Christian girls in Pakistan had reached new heights, he said, “In the past a muslim NGO movement of solidarity and peace reported that 700 christian girls and 300 Hindu girls are kidnapped, raped and forced into Islamic marriage every year, a figure that both Christian and Hindu groups believe to be conservative.’’


He alleged that every elected government in Pakistan had failed to address this growing social malaise despite new marriage laws such as the Hindu Marriage Laws 2017. Commenting on Islamabad high court’s orders to let the girls stay with their spouses, Ranbir Singh chairman of Hindu Human Rights Group in UK said that any prolonged separation of the young teenage girls form their parents would incite global disgust towards Pakistan adding that western governments should intervene to stop the forced conversions of minority girls in Pakistan.

Source Times of India

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