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Video : Ex Indian Supreme Court Judge Says, He’s Scientific So Eats BEEF

Video : Ex Indian Supreme Court Judge Says, He’s Scientific So Eats BEEF

The Indian colonial state continues to provide us with first-class comedy with its abundance of high-level clowns coming out of its subservient colonial education system.

Figures like Markandey Katju, an ex-Supreme court judge who thinks the world is laughing at India because of Hinduism’s respect for cows. Which he embarrassingly sees as totally primitive and backward.

So logically being a scientific and progressive man eats beef as he explains in this interview. He even says the highly advanced and scientific state of Pakistan eats beef as an example of progressiveness. The fact that this state exports terrorism, hard drugs, and has draconian hardline religious oppression seems to have escaped his scientific thinking.

He can fool the naive Indian public with his ‘scientific’ and his Western expertise ‘ sermons but in the real ‘scientific and progressive West, he would be continuously mocked and ridiculed if not punched in the face by some animal rights activists for his backward and primitive views on cows as just meat to eat.

Recently the Animal Liberation Front blockaded cow killer multinational McDonald’s distribution centres in the UK to stop deliveries to the fast-food chain’s 1,300 UK outlets.

The colonised buffoon has no clue that the science itself is saying that the beef industry is one of the biggest contributors to Global warming and climate change which we are seeing the effects of around the world. Perhaps beef-eating has led to him developing CJD, that disease that causes sponge-like holes in the brain and has been linked to eating beef. Mockery aside, CJD is a terminal disease that only 30 years ago led to a number of preventable deaths in the UK.  There are so many campaigns going on the close down the beef industry and other meat industries to save Mother Earth.

Of course, being a scientific man he won’t take that serious because primitive and backward Hindus also see Mother Earth as divine so he will continue to expel anal gas explosions to contribute to global warming.

Along with Hindu practises spreading across the West, we’re also seeing ‘backward’ and ‘unscientific’ Hindu influenced Indian vegetarian and vegan restaurants coming up everywhere in the west which shows if anyone is totally backward then it’s this fool himself.

Being a scientific man he needs to also speak out against the backward and superstitious Hindu (śūnya) zero and why this number has no use in maths or science or technology advancement and might invite global laughter at backward and unscientific Hindu influenced India.

And if this is the supreme court Indian judge then about time to open an investigation of all court case judgments he made.

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