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Video : Hindu Temple vandalism prompts investigation

Video : Hindu Temple vandalism prompts investigation

Bothell, Wash. — A Pacific Northwest Hindu temple finds itself on the receiving end of hate. Words of anger are written on a place of worship, just a day before big event planned at the Hindu Temple Cultural Center in Bothell.

Leaders from the temple discovered the graffiti on the side of their building Sunday morning. The Snohomish County Sheriff’s Department is investigating this case as malicious harassment.

This week, Hindus around the world will celebrate The Great Night of Shiva, a god they believe brings purification. An event someone tried to taint just outside the temple doors, scrawling a swastika and the words “Get Out” on the side.

“Somebody did that because they are upset, offended or maybe they don’t like this big temple,” said Nit Niranjan, the Hindu Temple Cultural Center Chair. “It’s amazing that someone would use our own symbol in reverse and put something like that out like this is their country. I thought we were living in America.”

In Hinduism, swastikas signified peace long before it became a Nazi symbol. In this case, temple leaders say it’s now being used not just to hurt their believers but a neighborhood. Neighbors agreed and said they were disturbed by the graffiti, and said their area is relatively diverse.

The Hindu Temple Cultural Center is expecting close to a thousand people Monday for the Great Night of Shiva. Leaders are trying to get the graffiti removed before then. If not, they plan to use it as a teaching opportunity about showing peace amid animosity.

Courtesy Janet Kim, KING 5 News

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