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Video : Indian Australians targeted by dumping beef on cricket pitch in a Hinduphobic racist attack

Video : Indian Australians targeted by dumping beef on cricket pitch in a Hinduphobic racist attack

A group of Hindu community cricket players have been targeted by Hinduphobic racist thugs in South Australian capital Adelaide’s northern suburb Modbury Heights.

As per local media reports, the Hindu group used to play cricket at Hargrave Reserve Pitch every weekend which has upset some residents. These locals allegedly think the Indian community players have taken over the Reserve.

According to 7News, 2 kgs of minced beef was found dumped on the community cricket pitch on a weekend when Hindu cricket players came to start their match.

Representative image: mined beef

One of the cricket players Nupur Shah told 7NEWS that whosoever has done this knew that we as Hindus worship cow as mother.”

“I would describe it as a racist attack because we believe the cow is a motherly figure. So it’s like a holy thing for us.”

Image source: Nupur Shah – 7News – screengrab.

This sickening targeted attack has left local residents Modbury Heights disgusted.
Peter* who lives close to the reserve told The Australia Today, “We are ashamed of such an incident happened in our suburb, we welcome all communities and will not let these thugs destroy the fabric of being inclusive Australia.”

Rajendra Pandey is presiedent of Vishva Hindu Praishad in South Australia.

He told The Australia Today:

“The government of South Australia should intervene and investigate this Hinduphobic racist attack.”

We categorically condemn this Hinduphobic act (A hateful act against Hindus) of dumping Beef on a cricket pitch to ward off a group of Hindus from playing cricket, said Mr Pandey.

Cricketer Nupur Shah says, As per my understanding ripping off the cricket pitch will cost more than $20,000 and affect the local community.

“I think police need to intervene. If they found a responsible person I think a fine is an appropriate thing to be done.”

Image source: Tea Tree Gully Council Deputy Mayor Lucas Jones – Facebook.

In a statement, Tea Tree Gully Council Deputy Mayor Lucas Jones said:

“council strongly condemns all acts of racism and damage to public property, which are not only unacceptable but illegal.”

Chirag Trivedi is a member of the Hindu Council of Australia’s South Australia.
Mr Trivedi says the council’s decision to rip the pitch is also part of the racism problem with in the administration.

VHP’s Rajendra Pandey further added:

“When you thought it couldn’t get any worse, the council, rather than brokering a solution, responded by deciding to remove the pitch, which directly penalises the group which faced the attack.”

While most non-Hindu Australians are respectful towards our beliefs yet almost all Hindus have faced innuendos and offensive statements against our Gods, practices or traditions, Mr Pandey explained.

“It is important for all Hindu community groups to take responsibility of standing up to such attacks on our faith but also to respectfully engage with the local community and councils to resolve differences before it escalates to intolerable heights.”

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