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Movie : Sanghaar The Massacre

Movie : Sanghaar The Massacre

A brave attempt by actor-director Siddhant Issar. This 50-minute short film opposes animal cruelty, especially cow slaughter and condemns violence against peaceful sages and saints

Director: Siddhant Issar

Cast: Siddhant Issar, Puneet Issar, Gufi Paintal, Riddhima Bedi and others

Writer, actor-director Siddhant Issar, who impressed with his grey-shade role in Resurrection Jaago Aur Jiyo last year is back with a bang with his unusual film Sanghaar The Massacre. 

The film is loosely inspired by the heinous incident which occurred last year in Palghar, where two helpless old sages were lynched by a misinformed mob was released on Showman Theatre Productions YouTube channel on April 16th, 2021.

This 50-minute short film opposes animal cruelty, especially cow slaughter and condemns violence against peaceful sages and saints.

The film follows the journey of a young vigilante Pharsa (Siddhant Issar), who avenges the death of his saint father and pet cow, by scheming, plotting and eventually slashing through the ill intents. Set up at the backdrop of the modern day Indian political scenario, in present times, the film draws an analogy between its protagonist Pharsa and Lord Parshuraam, who in the satyuga had avenged the murder of his father and Kaamdenu cow by the hands of kartavya Arjun.

Siddhant as a filmmaker is visionary, observant and aware of the story he was telling. His detailing of the subject is vast. However, it was tricky to tackle the subject like this but he sailed through it smoothly. It is certainly a brave attempt by him at such a young age. 

The most beautiful thing about the film is that Siddhant is honest about the incident that happened. Although, he took creative liberty many a times but he is extremely glued to the narrative throughout. His characters are real, relatable and thought provoking. Special mention to the shot taking of the film, its grand, neat-and-tidy. 

As an actor, he is par excellence. Siddhant is seen in a never seen before avatar in the film and he does justice to his role. He seems to be a potential actor, who might be a threat to his contemporaries if given a chance. His expressions are flawless and apt for his character. 

In a surprising avtaar, Puneet Issar is seen playing a peaceful Sage. He has done a fabulous job. And broken his age old image of Duryodhan. His calmness and composure in this short film, is something every one will admire.

Acting stalwarts Gufi Paintal, Satyajeet Puri lend great support with their phenomenal acts. Actress Ridhima Bedi is noticeable in her short yet important role. 

Editing is really sharp and crisp, it does not give you time to bat an eye lid. The cinematography too is very sleak. There is lot of play with shadows and lights. Darkness has been used very well. Something very different from what we usually see in a short film. Kailash Kher’s title track playing in the last scene gives you goosebumps. It is the highlight of the film.

Overall, Sanghaar The Massacre is a great watch. It would surely please the ‘Sanatan Dharm’ community. If you are looking for an unusual binge this weekend, this film is for you. Mid -day

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