Thursday 18th April 2024,
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Yoga Origins Finally Found ?

With the ongoing popularity of Yoga across the world, the Hinduphobes from the left to the right see a major threat from Hindu spirituality via yoga pants and mats becoming even more popular across the world which for decades has opened the big debate on ‘is yoga rooted in Hinduism or is it from outside Hinduism? ‘ Christian right-wing fundos claim it demonic and opens the door to Satanic Hindu demons and thuggees while the secular left-wing believes yoga connected to Hinduism leads you to satanic Hindu nationalism. But the ‘Hindu nationalist supremacist fascist far right pagan heathen savages ‘ claim it’s rooted in Hinduism. But now the shocking truth finally revealed that all sides are wrong but Yoga like the Aryan race is from outer space as with the photographic evidence provided here and sent to Director Sir Ridley Scott.

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