Wednesday 04th October 2023,
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Video : ‘Yoga For Peace And Mother Earth’ – Amazing Speech From The New York Mayor

Video : ‘Yoga For Peace And Mother Earth’ – Amazing Speech From The New York Mayor

To Prime Minister Modi

We are going to go to the root causes of that which troubles many of us from how we interact to the food we eat to allowing our children to have breathing exercises in the morning as they start this school day…To challenge the mental health issue that’s impacting us. But there’s a larger challenge for all of us. What we do on the mat, practicing yoga, must become what we do on the streets and in our countries we cannot become universally connected through the yellow mats we lay on, but disconnected as we move through our communities.

Use the spirit and emotions of yoga to challenge and fight against War, to fight against gender oppression, to fight against violence, to fight against a lack of clean water to fight against the food insecurity, to fight against the destruction of our planet. Our connectivity is not only how we’re connected to our families and our parents we have two mothers one gave birth to us and one sustains us. Yoga keeps us connected to both mothers and connected to each other.

This International Yoga Day is an international call for us to stand upfor humankind across the globe and all living beings. I’m proud to be here and I’m proud to symbolically represent this city. As stated, the International Yoga Day is an international call that we will be a leader here in New York City, as you are a leader in your own environments. Thank you for allowing me to rejoice with you today.  – Mayor Eric Adams


This is like a global movement of self-awareness that we are witnessing. It’s an extraordinary day: Satish Sharma @thebritishhindu

The concept of religion is a very Western idea. Hinduism is beyond the traditional western definition of religion:  Sarah Gates   @SarahLGates1


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