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Christian Fundamentalists sharing Anti BJP Vote circular

Christian Fundamentalists sharing Anti BJP Vote circular

I Attended a talk by Fr. Cedric Prakash of Gujarat organised by the Catholic Sabha. Was surprised that the civil rights activist [who is normally a fiery speaker] .Was so subdued and had wrapped his facts in Gospel stories !

Learned later that the BJP & the RSS had on the previous day brought a delegation to the Parish priest pf Mount Carmel’s Church asking HOW he could have a political speech in a religious area.They wanted the talk to be cancelled. Finally it seems it was held with plain clothes police all around & BJP moles,and EC memembers planted in the audience !! I suppose Fr.Prakash did not want the Parish Priest to get into trouble & deliberately toned down his message.[If this could happen before the perty is in power imagine what will happen later.] However several facts did seep through..The 3 ‘C’s.That one needs to have Courage…follow one’s Conscience & guard the Constitution. He said that The avowed aim of the BJP in Gujarat is to Change the Constitution!! In answer to a Q he said that corruption in Gujarat was bigger than corruption anywhere else but had been institutionalized [We have the BMC road and Building depts. to corroborate that !]
He also detailed the draconian Right to Religion Act…which is really a perversion of freedom.

One important thought that came from the Catholic Sabha was …that our people need to meet & discuss the elections in whichever small groups or Fora they are involved.. SCCs ,even in their homes..since it is difficult to have public meetings in this climate.

After the meeting [in a small group] a few Bandra people said they were enamoured by the AAP & wanted to give them a chance.Others [and I think they are right] said that ,,THAT was exactly what the BJP is hoping for …because the AAP will only leach/siphon votes from the Congre & improve the BJP”s chance of winning. So this time only, inspite of all their disgraceful performance these last few years we [the Christians] need to Vote for the Congress just to keep the BJP++ from getting the two third majority they want to change the Fundamental Rights of the Constitution. They reminded us that this was really the rabid Hindu RSS that we were voting to power…and all our schools & churches ,LANDS, religious gatherings and religious freedom were in grave danger.

Finally we had to ensure that Everybody voted. If Narendra Modi becomes prime minister, he will pass an anti-conversion bill. He has a thorough agenda against Christians.  He has done it in the Gujarat. We need a government who will be for Christians, not against, a leader who fears God and not evil in his ways. Plz encourage all Christians everywhere NOT TO vote for Narendra Modi. Spread the word. There are 101,20,000 christians voters in India. If none of these vote for him, he will not achieve 272 seats, the no required for victory.

Good Friday was canceled as a bank holiday in Gujarat by Modi. Pls circulate this to all Christian friends in your Group… Amen


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