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HHR Video : Frisco’s Hindu Temple opens with world record

HHR Video : Frisco’s Hindu Temple opens with world record

FRISCO (WFAA)- You’ll be hard pressed to find anything like it in the country, let alone in North Texas.

But when you look inside the new Hanuman Temple in Frisco Saturday, you’ll realize why it was built.

Thousands of Hindus, most of them living in or around the city, crowded into the 34,000-square-foot temple to celebrate its official opening.

The Hanuman Temple opened in grand fashion Saturday. Philip Townsend reports.

The Indian population in the region is growing. In Collin County alone, it has more than tripled since the turn of the century.

Prakasa Rao Velagapudiand

“Look at the 10-mile radius around the temple,” said Temple Chairman Prakasa Rao Velagapudiand. “Seventy, 80, maybe even 90 percent of them have Indian background.”

A large crowd at the opening of the Hanuman Temple

After 24 hours of continuous chanting, the group set the world record for the longest chanting marathon. It was led by worldwide Guru and spiritual leader Sri Swamiji from India.

“I’m very, very happy,” Swamiji said.

The entire facility was paid for by donations. Temple leaders say thousands followers donated one dollar every day for the last several years.

As of Saturday the total cost of the temple exceeded $11 million.

By Philip Townsend, WFAA

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