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krishna The Paper Cup Left On The Streets of London

krishna The Paper Cup Left On The Streets of London

As I was walking back from the shops and about to cross the road, I see a paper cup on the curb that caught my eyes as it had Shri Krishna written on it.

Suddenly my mind time-travelled back to thousands of years ago and thousands of miles away to Kurukshetra in India where  Shri Krishna speaks to Arjuna, and then to fast forward through time to see historical glimpses as Krishna’s words inspired many men and women to stand up and fight to defend Dharma to now in my present time to see this cup named after him dumped on the streets of London but still speaking to me..Wow!

This cup itself has profound multi symbolism to it where Hinduism itself has been reduced down to commercial business interests, where even on the streets of India you will find wrappers and bags with Hindu gods on them like those Indian cigarettes called Ganesh Bidis wrapped in Ganesha’s picture or you have the colonized Indian, western wannabe elite with Natarajas and Buddha heads decorating their living rooms.

This itself makes Hinduism lose its value then why should others respect it ? Then why blame others when they use Hindu imagery or degrade it when many Hindus do themselves without thinking?

The cup spoke further to remind me ‘that being an inheritor of this great surviving indigenous spiritual civilization on the planet and whose influence is everywhere across Mother Earth in some form or another it’s your duty like every other Hindu to protect it otherwise it will just become a cup with no meaning to be chucked away on the streets of London.’

But to me, this cup in this moment of time was an extension of that ancient civilisation that survived against all the odds by Hindus who were inspired by the teachings of Krishna and other Gods and Goddess to fight across a thousand years to win in the end as many other ancient cultures ended up in a museum.

But the truth is most Hindus who even love Krishna don’t really understand his teachings let all any other Hindu teachings. They are more taken in by the boy Krishna or the Krishna and the Gopis but forget the warrior Krishna who awakens Arjun from believing he’s been cursed to be in this world to realize he’s been blessed to be in this world to fight to defend Dharma.

Hindus sit all day crying on social media but don’t realise this is our chance to go forth into battle to establish Dharma. Opportunities like these don’t happen so easily. Karmically, we are all born in this world to play our roles.

I thought how powerful even a cup named after him arose all these thoughts I wrote here but imagine if all Hindus followed the teachings of what Krishna wanted by taking action and how powerful that will be. It would change the course of history for the good of all humanity.

As I felt blessed in strange circumstances, I picked the cup up and thought I would give a decent cremation later. And I walked further down the street to join another street I see a few black and white Hindu HK women singing Krishna bhajans sitting there on the pavement. I thought how amazing how all roads connect to Krishna and all the other Gods and Goddesses when they need to.

This is beauty of Hindu spirituality as it’s never limited to anywhere but can speak to you even in the most ugliest places by the roadside to send you a powerful message. Jai Sri Krishna

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