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Video : Masked Gunman Robs US Hindu Temple

Video :  Masked Gunman Robs US Hindu Temple

SACRAMENTO — A masked gunman’s acts in a house of worship has left members of a Sacramento Hindu temple stunned.

A place of prayer and peace was shaken by a violent encounter with a masked gunman.

The Dutt family was among the worshippers inside this Fijian Community Hindu temple following nighttime services.

“His finger was on the gun; he wanted to shoot,” said Damodar Dutt.

The masked gunman entered this house of worship through a side door and took aim at the group inside while they were cleaning the temple’s kitchen. He went straight for the women’s jewelry, ripping it from their clothes and necks.

Among the victims was Damodar Dutt’s 86-year-old mother who suffered a gash to her head when the gunman ripped a necklace off her–and she fell to the floor.

The masked gunman ran off, after one congregant threw a chair at him.

Police are reviewing surveillance video of the violent attack that could help identify the temple targeting thief.

Steve Large CBS Sacramento

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