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Video : Another Hindu Allegedly Hacked To Death For Supporting Nupur Sharma But Police Claims Its An Accident

Video : Another Hindu Allegedly Hacked To Death For Supporting Nupur Sharma But Police Claims Its An Accident

‘Sar tan se juda’ slogan surfaces again after MP college student’s killing Nishant, a third-year college student, was found dead on the railway tracks near Obaidullaganj town in MP’s Raisen district. His father had received a message that read, “sar tan sey zuda,” hours before the corpse was discovered by the police.A college student’s body was recovered from the railway tracks in Obaidullaganj town in Madhya Pradesh’s Raisen district on Sunday (July 24), hours after his father received a text message with the words ‘sar tan se juda’.Madhya Pradesh Police discovered the corpse of the third-year college student, identified as Nishant, on the railway tracks near Obaidullaganj town on Sunday evening. They have ruled out foul play for now.The victim’s father had received a WhatsApp message from his son’s mobile saying, “Gustakh-e-Nabi ki ek saza, sar tan sey zuda [Beheading is the only punishment for those who insult Prophet Muhammad].”Uma Shankar Rathore, the father of the victim, received the message at 5.44 pm on Sunday evening, a resident of Narmadapuram district. After reading it, he tried tracing his son, Nishant Rathore, who studied at Oriental College in Bhopal.


But Nishant was missing from his room. His daughter told Uma Shankar that Nishant had gone to meet his elder sister. Later in the evening, Nishant’s body was found on the railway tracks in Obaidullaganj.

Nishant’s post mortem was conducted at AIIMS Bhopal on Monday afternoon, and according to the Inspector General of Police (IG), Narmadapuram range, Deepika Suri, the cause of death was impact from a moving train.

We have traced his movements through CCTV cameras right from the time he left his room in Bhopal. At 5.09 pm he was spotted at a petrol pump and he was not accompanied by anyone. The post mortem has revealed that he died because of coming before a moving train,” said IG Suri while talking to India Today TV.


Nishant’s Instagram profile had also been updated with the message that was sent to his father. The Instagram profile update happened around the same time his father received the message.

“Nishant’s father received the message. Also, the instagram profile has been updated. He was alone all the time, but we are still investigating. It is not clear if he did it himself or someone else was using his phone. A case of death has been registered at the Barkeda police station in Raisen district,” IG Puri said.

Police have recovered Nishant’s phone from the spot from where his body was recovered. -India Today

18 year old 
has allegedly been hacked to death by far right islamists its been reported  in a BJP ruled #Madhyapradesh

image of WhatsApp his father received on WhatsApp

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