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Video : Hindus Turn Up In Numbers To Protest Against Far Right Islamists

Video : Hindus Turn Up In Numbers To Protest Against Far Right Islamists

Far-right Islamists for over a week on social media have been making threats of violence and rape against Hindus and have been asking other Islamists to join them to come down to #Leicester today to start their witch hunt of ‘Pagan Kafir’ Hindus. But instead, Hindus turned up in numbers to protest against them. Do go down for the latest update Videos.


Now, Far Right Muslim twitter is already stirring up more hate speech pretending they never started anything in the first place but the videos and tweets prove otherwise. This Majid Freeman is already being promoted by the hinduphobic racist media.

You Can See Some Islamists with Weapons

Hindus Doing A Peaceful Protest.

We can’t confirm which groups are involved yet

Video claims Hindus are throwing bottles at police but you cannot see that from the footage. Looks like the larger crowd is at the other end.

More claims it’s Hindus throwing bottles.

Right Wing Islamists Coming Out

Far Right Islamists Gathering Together To Witch Hunt Kafir Hindus 


Hundreds of Extremely Brave Islamists Attack One Hindu Going Home From Work while he visited the Swaminarayan temple.

Outside the Swaminarayan Temple

Harassing the Hindu Victim with Violence and Abuse


Attacking the Hindu Victim in his car


More Bravery by Islamists By Attacking a Hindu Temple.

far-right Islamists preparing a witch hunt on Hindus under the strawman Hindutva fake narrative.

Far Right Islamists Gather and later Attack Hindu Businesses.



Islamists using their extreme ideological religious frameworks of acting as the victim after targetting the real victims. Now they use the Hindutva Strawman to cover their extreme religious beliefs that inspire hate and violence against the unbeliever as we see here against the Police, Hindus and now even Sikhs.

Gucci Khan Humoursly Exposing home truths about the Muslim gangstas trying to attack Hindus In Leicester.

200 right wing Islamo Fascists Try To Attack The Temple later




More Attacks

UK Parliament headed By Bob Blackman Condemn Attacks on Hindu temples and upcoming threats during Navaratri.


Hindu Temple in Coventry Becomes a Target by Right Wing Islamists


Real Nazis now targetting another temple with these memes

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