Monday 20th May 2024,
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Video : Khalistani Far Right Mob Fail To Tear Down Indian Flag When Faced With One Man

Video : Khalistani Far Right Mob Fail To Tear Down Indian Flag When Faced With One Man

With so many Sikh girls becoming victims of Pakistani sex grooming gangs along with being converted to Islam to become second wives, Along with Gurudwaras being blown up in Afghanistan killing Sikhs while in Punjab Christianity is expanding at a rapid speed where soon there will be no Sikhs left. But Khalistanis can only show their bravery against Hindus and the Indian State.


Khalistani far right try to pull down the Indian flag at the Indian high commission #London   but fail as someone from the Indian high commission saves but chucks the Khalistan one down .


Khalistani Just About Brings the Flag Down…But ..

Then the One Man Comes Along ….

1. Khalistanis want to recreate a mythical Sikh state that never existed. When Ranjit Singh died his funeral involved one of the biggest mass self-immolations known as sati, of his wives (note the plural). So much for this myth about female equality.

2. Even women in UK did not get the vote until 1918 so making ridiculous claims like the one neo-Sikhs make is really laughable. In addition, Ranjit Singh’s battle flags show Durga on them.

3. Khalistan movement will disappear because neo-Sikhs are so keen to be cut off from their Hindu roots that the Sikh masses in Punjab who are not able to pay for mafia traffickers to smuggle them out are turning to a church that is declining in the west


4. What could not be done by conversion of Dalip Singh or Sadhu Sunder Singh is being done by neo-Sikh self-cultural annihilation

 Watch @ Video : Real Sikhs Shouting Bharat Mata Slogans Against Cos-Playing Sikhs Better Known As Khalistanis

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