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Pakistani Law-Enforcement Kidnaps Hindu Youth To Murder Extra-Judicially

Pakistani Law-Enforcement Kidnaps Hindu Youth To Murder Extra-Judicially


September 9th, 2013; Jamshoro, Sindhudesh:

A couple of years back the Attorney General of Pakistani Punjab who was also the relative of Pakistan Muslim League chief former PM of Pakistan, Nawaz Sharif, baselessly said that the Hindus of Pakistan are involved in terrorism. When most of the people talked about the baseless nature of his allegations, we smelled something else. People were calling him an idiot but we were amazed at his excellence. He wasn’t an idiot; he was a genius who was actually making a plan how to implicate the Hindus in terror attacks. That was the first time we knew that the Hindus will be implicated falsely in the terror strikes in no time.

Recently the Hindus have been attacked by the Pakistani Islamists in an innovative way. The Hindus have a strong support to the Sindhi Liberation Politicial Organizations like Jeay Sindh Muttahida Mahaz and Jeay Sindh Qaumi Mahaz which seek freedom from Pakistan under political methods. Pakistan has been involved in extra-judicial killings of several of the innocent and truly non-criminal JSMM and JSQM operatives. Though most of them are Muslims by religion but secular and liberal in nature and in fact they are bold critics of Islamic fanaticism whereas the so called “Liberal Muslims” try to justify Jihad, these people side America in case of war on terror and bash the Islamists and Islamic jihad.

Mohan Meghwar, student of Mehran Engineering University, Jamshoro was kidnapped by Pakistani law enforcement agencies

Mohan Meghwar, student of Mehran Engineering University, Jamshoro was kidnapped by Pakistani law enforcement agencies

Since there are a number of Hindus who support such political movement one of whom is Ramesh Kumar, the finance secretary of JSMM hailing from Sakrand region is on close watch of the ISI, the agencies are involved in extra-judicial killings of the Hindus to pursue their religious vendetta against the Hindus by labeling them as political activists whom they brutally kill from time to time.

There are many Sindhis (Muslims and Hindus) who are kidnapped, then tortured and then mutilated in installments and then thrown in some drain to pass a message that this is the fate of such people. However the story of Mohan Meghwar is something different. Mohan Meghwar was no political activist in any of the organization. But as I said above that the association with the political organization is just a tool these Pakistanis have to implicate the Hindus so that they can justify the unjust extra-judicial killing of these Hindus, Mohan Meghwar was nabbed by the Islamists and their sympathizers in the intelligence and law enforcement agencies. Mohan hails from Jamshoro area in Sindh and he is a first year student of the Chemical Engineering branch of the Mehran Engineering University in Jamshoro. He is a talented student and he was never attached to any kind of political movements and he was busy only in his study but the Pakistani law enforcement agencies kidnapped him in daylight last week from bus.

What could this poor student whose father is just a laborer, do any harm to Pakistan? He wasn’t a political activist but yet he was nabbed. Why? The answer lies somewhere else. He is a Meghwar and the Megh Samaj has been facing special hatred from the Islamists for their one time influence over Sindh. The Hindus were the spine of the pre-partition Sindh and the Megh Samaj had been in the frontline among the Sindhi Hindus and the frustrated Islamists have started treating the Hindus as third class citizen and the Megh Samaj are treated as fourth class citizen. The Islamists take it as a daily routine to torture the Meghwar males and females. The great Islamists frequently rape the Meghwar females even if they are 5 years old babies. The rape of 5 years old Vijyanti Meghwar  from Hyderabad (Sindh) a few months back is a dark example of this scenario. They can rape these Meghwar girls against their wishes but can’t allow the Muslim women even if they are in limitless love with any Hindu male from Megh Samaj. After a couple of weeks the same Islamists brutally mutilated and beheaded a Meghwar boy in the same area only because a Muslim girl loved him. The JSMM and JSQM protested this killing.

Sources said to Asansol News that this is the case with Mohan Meghwar. Asansol News operatives connected with the Muslim friends of Mohan and learnt that a Muslim girl had crush on Mohan and that is what probably fuelled the abduction of Mohan Meghwar. We therefore challenge the Pakistan Government if it’s not illegitimate one to bring Mohan to the courts of law in front of the global media and punish him if he is culprit but only after showing his guilt. Does Pakistan have that guts? No they don’t. And truly Pakistan is what everyone in this earth knows. Pakistan has no chastity less than the pregnant prostitute who tries hard to find who her real master is; China or America, so we can’t expect any morality from Pakistan.

We would like to request the Human Rights organization to come to rescue Mohan who is under the custody of the Pakistan death squads. We request the honorable Human Rights organizations to help his father who is a poor laborer. We like to request the HR orgs to support him to get his son released before Pakistan releases his dead-body in some high drain of Jamshoro. This is our heartily request to Pakistan Human Rights Commission, Hindu Human Rights Commission (UK), Amnesty Pakistan, Asian Human Rights Commission, Human Rights Watch etc.
Finally we would like to request Pakistan to revise its constitution and include there some rules that the Islamists can merrily rape the under-aged Hindu girls who have obviously no will to become a bedfellow of the Muslims but can’t allow the Muslim girls to become the wives of their Hindu lovers even if they are matured adult and are not forced in their decision. This will at least save the boys like Mohan and girls like Rubna (symbolic name).

Aamna Shahwani and Titu Shadowson

Asansol News




19-years-old Hindu kidnapped in Hyderabad Pak’s Sindh’

I’m going to write few lines about Mohan lal, the student of Chemical Dept Mehran UET Jamshoro. 19 years-old Hindu boy disappeared in (Qasimabad) Hyderabad Pakistan’s Sindh province, triggering a protest by students of Mehran UET Jamshoro who asked authorities to trace the Mohan lal immediately. Mohan lal had reportedly gone to his home with his friends on Wednesday. When he was stepped out of the MUET point to go his home he was disappeared by the way, The kidnapped boy’s father, Jalal Meghwar, who is a farmer, told The Sindh newspaper that his son disappeared from 24 July Wednesday. jalal said Police have had no success in tracing the kidnappers so far. The Sindh Newspaper reported that police were yet to register a case. The students of Mehran UET Jamshoro called for a peace full rally on Yesterday 9th Sept to protest this lapse in Mehran UET Jamshoro. the students of MUET condemned the police for their failure to control crime, especially cases of kidnapping-for-ransom. “Neither the police nor the elected representatives are taking any interest in working towards curbing crime… It feels like that they (police and elected representatives) want us to leave the Pakistan,” he said. Traders and other Hindus live with the stress of kidnappings, said Nationalist leader (MUET) Mehran Chandio who criticised the parliamentarian and legislator who represent the Sindh. Earlier, Hindus were targeted in other districts like Ghotki, Jacobabad, Shikarpur, Sukkur and Hyderabad. They said the situation continued to be bad in Sindh , where Hindu children are often kidnapped for ransom. They appealed to the President, Prime Minister and provincial Home Minister to take notice of the kidnappings and to post “dedicated police officers” in Sindh to control the law and order situation.

Sohail Raza Shahani
MUET Jamshoro

Plz Contact for anyquery… 03362915201 jalal meghwar f/o mohan lal meghwar


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