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The Colonised Indians

The Colonised Indians

Definition of a Colonised Person


A colonized person is a person who is disconnected from his or her Roots (History, Religion, Culture etc), they grow up watching, reading, consuming western content; In universities they study western philosophies, so they start looking at the world from the lenses of western world and western philosophers point of view.
Soon they start defining themselves and their culture (civilization, religion, history) through the lenses/template of the outsider, which starts the process of looking down on anything Indian and this is where the Anti-Hinduism hate in India comes from.
You will see them quoting from Shakespeare, Aristotle, Socrates, Plato but wont quote from Indian sources like Premchand, Vivekananda, Aurobindo. Imagine someone doing a play of Shakespeare praising London weather while they are sweating in heat of north India.
These people know more about what goes out in the streets of US then in their own backward, they are so enslaved in their mindset that they can not come up with ‘local solution’ to ‘local problem’, they think that if a particular things works in west, it will also work and applies to Indian scenario, they believe in copy paste solutions.
Also, This is where the mindset of Indian journalists come from who are ready to agree on anything their masters say while working as a stooge of Western media and academia.

There are countless examples of this Phenomenon –


– Indian youth who simply views some Richard Dawkins, Christopher Hitchens videos, which are actually rebuttals against the Abrahamic religions and doesn’t apply to Hinduism and start calling themselves atheists.
– When Sandeep becomes Sandy, speaks in a fake accent sitting in Gurgaon call center, boozing and partying all weekend, he thinks he now has become part of this ‘global village’ and he is quite happy about it, he is trying to get into live-in relationship with his girlfriend. He looks down on anyone who is not like him. he wants to experiment with eating beef to offend Hindus. Sandeep is like those 20,000 labourers who built Taj Mahal and today Taj is known to be built by Shah Jahan, not those 20,000 labourers.
– While in the West Churches go empty, Convent schools are almost a dead concept and going to a Convent school would be considered a regressive thing in the West, in India being educated in a convent is a proud thing. Which happens to be simply ‘Madrasas’ of Catholicism. In the UK, Krishan Avanti School became UK’s first state funded Hindu school, and in India Hindu schools dont get any state funding.
Once someone develops that kind of mindset, It is very difficult to Decolonise them. So in the end what you get is a ‘Coconut Indian’ who is brown from outside and white from inside (mindset). Sometimes more western than the westerner themselves. Someone who know more about European history than Indian, someone who look down on anything Indian but likes anything western as a benchmark of high standards, and suffers from elite mindset and deep inferiority complex about being an Indian and Hindu.
Both Indians and Pakistanis suffers from this identity crisis, while the Indians think they are an extension of European society, the Pakistanis think they are an extension of Arab society, both of which are wrong and especially when the Western/Arab world don’t give a damn about it. Saudi Arabia recently arrested a Pakistani activist who used to sing praises of Arabs and on other side of the world Booby Jindal said his family came to US to be Americans not Indian-Americans.
This colonised mindset is largely due to the education system in India. the British made a lot of institutions in India for their own benefits, after Indian independence, Indians did not shut down those institutions but continued them as is. So in all those decades, while Britain have evolved differently, India and Indians continue to be colonised in their mindset and stuck in past. Indian law, police, education system are few of its example.
Under the blessing of Nehru, Indian Marxist dominated the Indian education system which continues to this date, making the education system even more anti-hindu, teaching students wrong history, racist theories like aryan invasion and continues to produce anti-india/hindu journalists. any attempts to change the education system has been called saffronization of education. Today India is more colonised than it was before 1947.
So more the ‘educated’ a person is in India, the more colonised he is and have an elite mindset, this is why you wont see this mindset in many of the ‘uneducated’ and poor people.
To sum up I would like to say – “Some slaves have chains on their body, some slaves have chains on their mind”
Either you Define yourself or other will do it for you!

PS – A lot of people are going to comment that then why the author is using internet, smartphones and wearing jeans, he should stop using these things as these are western inventions. If anyone happen to assume such thing then it only means that they have not understood the article, I am not talking about iPhones, Jeans or McDonalds nor I am talking about going back to old time with no technology or stop using English language.

I am talking about – 
a. having a sense of Identity (both national & religious, which is being lost due to colonised mindset), rather than becoming a 2nd rated copy of West. Identity is very much important at a international level contrary to popular false notions like “world is a global village now” which indians likes to repeat everytime.
b. Having a Indian/Hindu point of view of looking at things and come up with local solution to local problems rather than copy paste. when Japan came up with Bullet trains 50 years ago, there was no western example to look forward too, Japanese set a standard.
c. there are multiple ideologies and models, each fighting for their own stake in the war of civilization, there is a Chinese, Islamic, Communist and Western models, The model India follows is not only outdated, it is outright racist, designed to feed inferiority complex in people. so better Indian should follow an indigenous/Hindu model or they are going to end up becoming something else in this war of civilizations.


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