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HHR and the Hotel in the Black Hole of Calcutta Issue

HHR and the Hotel in the Black Hole of Calcutta Issue

Back in 2018, a Hindu chap who had visited a 5-star hotel in the black hole of Calcutta (Kolkata) was shocked to see Hindu sculptures (we weren’t) in the men’s toilet.

So in frustration, he complained to the hotel but got no reply and then tried to raise the issue to other Hindus in a country of a billion Hindus known as India. He ended up going around in circles, because as you know they’re busy on twitter and other SM doing petitions and ranting till finally they will be taken away in straitjackets to occupy the local mental asylum.

So with the grace of Ma Kali, he comes across those delinquents and human sacrifice wallahs at HHR who immediately messaged the CEO and the management of the company in Al Capone’s Chicago, where recently at the World Hindu Congress, 3000 Hindus were taken hostage by 6 hinduphobes to get maximum publicity.

We made it clear that their hotel being part of a hotel chain across the world, including here in London, we will do a protest in their London hotel itself and probably squat in the penthouse suite if the Hindu imagery 6,000 miles away in India is not removed.

They were made aware of our reputation of ground action, so within two days, the hotel kindly messaged HHR with pictures to prove they had removed the Hindu imagery from the men’s toilets. The interaction can be seen in the following tweets. What this also highlights, is that Hindu deities and imagery are used like this across many hotels and other buildings, including homes and gardens, as just decoration pieces

The point is this: unless you are ready to take action then no one cares about your complaining and ranting as most online Hindus do.



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