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The Ghar Vapsi – Reconversion Controversy

The Ghar Vapsi – Reconversion Controversy

On Christmas Day 2014, Delhi-based novelist Chandrahas Choudhury wrote in Bloomberg of a chilling vision of the future: an India that is 100 per cent Hindu.

He insists that this is the long-term strategy of the RSS, the national volunteer Hindu organisation from which Prime Minister Narendra Modi had sprung. Careful to also condemn the crude and arrogant behaviour of Christian and Muslim proselytisation, it is nevertheless obvious that his main target are the Hindu organisations. He accuses the RSS of rank hypocrisy by supporting conversion of non-Hindus back to their ancestral faith, yet criticising the aforementioned missionaries of monotheism. Indeed if a ‘free market’ of religion were to be introduced, then Hinduism would actually lose out. But would it?

 Choudhry’s nightmare scenario is based on a mere drop in the ocean of India’s millions. On Christmas Eve, the Chengannur district unit of the Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP) claimed to have converted 11 Muslims to Hinduism at a ceremony in Kayamkulam.

Termed ‘home-coming’ this process involved 59 people on Christmas Day in Kerela’s Kottyam district. In the Los Angeles Times of the same day Parth MN joined hands with former Playboy journalist Shashank Bengali to condemn RSS efforts at reconversion:

In early December in the northern city of Agra, more than 200 Muslims were reportedly converted to Hinduism at a homecoming event organized by another RSS affiliate. Some later told Indian news media that they were misled and thought they were signing up to receive government ration cards.

Plans for a similar event on Christmas Day targeting 5,000 Muslims and Christians in Aligarh were called off after an outcry in the national media. Christian leaders in the northern town said it was an attempt to disrupt Christmas.

“They could have chosen any other day. But they picked Dec. 25, of all days, to provoke us,” said Sunil Luke, pastor at two churches in Aligarh.

Christmas Day being deliberately picked? Yet there was no such furore from the politically correct secular crowd when on Diwali 1999, Pope John Paul II visited India and called for a crusade in Asia. Uli Schmetzer of the Chicago Tribune reported :

Pope John Paul II, weak in body but strong in spirit, left India on Monday after a defiant 62-hour pilgrimage during which he affirmed people’s rights to change their religion and snubbed Hindu fundamentalists demonstrating for an end to Christian conversions.In the dusk of his two-decade papacy, the pope made no concessions or conciliatory gestures to those Indians and Hindus who feel that Western civilization has weakened their culture and that the work of Christian missionaries has enfeebled their religion.

Instead, he launched a crusade for more Christian converts in Asia on the very day Hindus celebrated Diwali, their main annual festival marking the triumph of light over darkness, a time for hospitality, food and fireworks.

The 79-year-old pontiff exhorted a synod of Asian bishops to evangelize the region in the coming millennium. He told them to go forth and conquer the continent for Christ just as the church had done in Europe during the first millennium and in the Americas in the second.

Yet even here Schmetzer could not resist reference to opposition Hindu ‘fundamentalists’ and ‘militants’. Why the anti-Hindu animus even with criticism of aggressive and well-funded missionary predators like the Catholic Church?

Through all the media, left-wing or right-wing, anti or pro-western, there is heated criticism of the ‘home-coming’ for Christians and Muslims in India. Modi is criticised for keeping silent on this. Accusations are made that the target groups were induced with ration cards, or that they were pressurised and hoodwinked. Ironically, that is what the Islamic and Christian missionary organisations have been doing for centuries. Sometimes it takes more physical form.

In north-east India, Hindu festivals are banned by terrorist groups on pain of death, especially in Nagaland and Meghalaya where the separatists are open in their espousal of wanting a Christian state. The recent massacre in Assam by the National Democratic Front of Bodoland, was executed by terrorists who demand that the Devanagari script be replaced by Roman characters, as consistent with its Christian militant fundamentalism: after 1996, the Christian-dominated NDFB was also involved in conflicts with the Hindu-dominated militant group Bodo Liberation Tigers Force (which surrendered in 2003).

It was through brute force that European paganism was uprooted root and branch. Pockets of resistance continued until as late as the fourteenth century in Lithuania, until snuffed out by the Teutonic Knights. The cultures and civilisations of these ancient peoples were buried, only to be dug up centuries later as archaeology began to unearth the long suppressed past of the European soul, which manifested itself through the Victorian kitsch of various Celtic and Hellenic revival movements. By now the crusading spirit which the churches speak so proudly of had engineered physical and cultural genocide of indigenous peoples in the Americas and Australia. Precious knowledge passed down over the millennia was lost in the name of ‘progress’.

The same is now being hurled against India, an ancient civilisation which simply would not die. From the sixteenth to nineteenth centuries, the Catholic Inquisition used psychopathic monsters such as ‘Saint’ Francis Xavier to amputate limbs and burn recalcitrant Hindus at the stake of they would not embrace the love of Christ. Others such as Roberto de Nobili disguised themselves as Hindu scholars and preachers in a means to induce conversion.

Under the British , Macaulay introduced an education system with which to undermine future generations of Hindus, a task which continues to this day under the guise of modernism, ‘secularism’ and above all ‘progress’ against ‘superstition’ and ‘backwardness’. As the Jesuits once boasted: “Give me the child, and I will mould the man.” Or as Hitler menacingly stated: “When an opponent declares, ‘I will not come over to your side,’ I say calmly, ‘Your child belongs to us already. What are you? You will pass on. Your descendants, however, now stand in the new camp. In a short time they will know nothing but this new community’ .” No coincidence then that he Jesuits were the inspiration behind the SS, an acknowledgement to the Catholic upbringing of both Himmler and Hitler.

In India generations have been brainwashed and turned against themselves by the Macualite education which dominates like Britain’s elite Bullingdon Club. But how does this explain the almost universal hostility to ‘home-coming’ by the western media? Only in America is the Christian past vibrant and dominant to the extent that the atheist, agnostic and non-Christian have a hard time being fully accepted. For this reason Piyush Jindal became converted Catholic ‘Bobby’ to become fully American and elected governor of Louisiana. Nimrata Kaur Randhawa married Michael Haley in a Methodist ceremony to become all-American girl ‘Nikki’ and governor of South Carolina. It is from America that Indian immigrant Dinesh D’Souza can become the darling of the Christian Right as he defends his faith’s aggression against Hinduism because of the latter’s caste system, as well as acting apologist for the genocide committed under the Mughals.

Sikh convert Yasmin Suri preaches that yoga must be banned from the country on Pat Robertson’s 700 Club, because it is evil and satanic, full of the occult. Robertson himself is known to demand “we can’t let that stuff come to America” as his CBN news network warns that Modi’s Hindu nationalism endangers India’s minorities. Indian-born KP Yohannen organises GFA (Gospel for Asia) from Texas which pioneered outsourcing of its manual labour to India before such behaviour became fashionable among crony and predatory capitalism in order to keep wages and expenses low while maximising director remuneration.

GFA again demands yoga be banned from America, and became notorious a decade ago for sending its useful idiots to the site of the Asian tsunami in India, in order to bag as many converts as possible: a sort of post-Christmas sales rush in targeting Hindu victims. The demagogue preacher himself writes:

 I am so grateful for any relief work that has been done. However, as Christians we must ask ourselves, “Why did it have to take a tsunami for us to be concerned about those millions of poor people living in the coastal regions of Indonesia, India and SriLanka?” If the Body of Christ worldwide would have been burdened for them one, five or ten years ago, how many of them could have been reached with the love and salvation of Jesus Christ before they perished? It’s too late now — for those who died and for us who missed the opportunity. However, the tsunami survivors are still with us, along with millions of others across Asia who don’t know the love of Christ. Let us not wait for another catastrophe to take place before we get concerned about them. Instead, let us cry out to the Lord to give us a burden for them now, and let us make a resolution to pray and share our resources to help meet their needs and introduce them to Jesus while we have the opportunity.

Throughout his poisonous book Revolution in World Mission, Yohannen sees Hinduism as the real reason behind India’s poverty. Now if this was just a personal opinion then there would be little more thought to the matter. But GFA has something more insidious in its influence. Sankrant Sanu is an entrepreneur, writer and researcher based in Seattle and Gurgaon. His essays were published in the book “Invading the Sacred” that contested Western academic writing on Hinduism. On 23 December 2014 he wrote on NITI Central about the rapes in India:

Rape is a terrible crime, a case where the victims are overwhelmingly women and the perpetrators overwhelmingly men. Every rape carries with it a personal story of trauma. To use statistics to speak about rape appears to dehumanize it into a number. Yet, when the mainstream news media is branding India into a “rape capital”, it is worth a pause. Maria Wirth, a German émigré to India wrote on how she found German TV disproportionately reporting a rape incident in far-away India, while a local rape was a small inside item. Similarly, a rape in a Cab in New Delhi made it all the way into the New York Times while an estimated 700 rapes on that day in the US merited no mention. This begs the question—is disproportionate coverage of rape in India justified? Or is it driven by an agenda?

Indeed if we go by reported rape statistics, India has one of the lowest rates of rape in the world. South Africa tops the chart in per capita rapes and Australia and the United States are in the top fifteen. Incredibly while many countries, including UK and France, have shown a decline in rape conviction rate, India’s rate, despite a decline, is still several times higher than the UK at 26.4% with Delhi having a whopping 41.5% rape conviction rate, despite India’s notoriously inefficient justice system. Sanu continues:

Why then this huge preoccupation with rapes in India in Western media and the Indian media echo box. A clue is found on this website a This is a Christian evangelical site, releasing a major film on “A Veil of Tears,” the plight of Indian women. The movie starts by dramatic accounts of the Delhi gangrape and starts to list a litany of ills in the “persecution” of India women and how it was important to save them. The agenda? The website is clear. They are explicitly marketing the movie to Church groups to collect funds and their partner is “Gospel for Asia.”

“While the film, “Veil of Tears”, brings into focus the truth behind a dark reality existing in the world today, we are excited to highlight the hope being given to countless millions of women each day through the work and ministry of Gospel for Asia…

We invite you to take a moment to learn more about the mission of Gospel for Asia and how you can be a part of our movement to rescue generations of women from persecution and rejection and into the hope of Jesus Christ.” The plight of Indian women is a marketing tool for the Global evangelical movement, that are shown explicitly using this to ask for money.

Hence the demonisation of rape is part of this propaganda war. As is the demonisation of ‘home-coming’.

Both ‘scientific’ socialism and its nemesis of free market capitalism see traditional cultures as backward and an impediment to ‘progress’. Modernisation is seen as synonymous with westernisation. But these secular ideologies are merely a revamped version of Christianity. They are based on ‘faith’ rather than proof, and reduce the complexity of existence to a one dimensional view of life, harmonious with the monotheist fungus which gave rise to them. A resurgent India, a vibrant India, threatens this secular faith as much as it does the various churches.

Despite the decline in believers in what is now post-Christian Europe, the mindset remains. It cannot be detoxed in just a few years. In their death throes the churches become ever more intolerant and fanatic against their pagan nemesis of Hinduism. In Britain for example, while they do not hold as much power and influence as the Moral Majority and similar groups in America, they have the power to censor debate.

If they allow debate at all. The debate on making caste discrimination illegal under equality legislation has been dominated by the churches and their Leftist allies, making use of racist colonialist stereotypes reminiscent of Rudyard Kipling’s “White Man’s Burden”. HHR itself has been threatened with for daring to expose these crass ideas with direct links to the crank theories which gave rise to Nazism, and refusal for any forum with which to air these issues freely and cogently.

Hence the desperation to attack Hindus for the efforts at reconversion. It is not the numbers that matter, but the fact that it is happening at all. It is an affront to western cultural superiority which has always been assumed, and is now being disproven. Hindu themes are now popular in media productions such as the Matrix and Interstellar.

Modi’s premiership has seen a rise in interest in what has remained the only significant body of surviving pagan culture and the world’s most ancient civilisation. Hence while the western media decries these small numbers reconverting to Hinduism, it ignores the bigger picture. A seismic shift is occurring within the western nations, as they find themselves living in a spiritual vacuum created by the false millenarianism and eschatology which brainwashed them with apocalyptic ideas of the End Times and the Rapture. This can be seen with staunch Methodist Nikki Haley visiting India to reconnect with her spiritual roots in the Punjab, and the only Hindu member of US Congress, Tulsi Gabbard, gifting her copy of the Bhagavad Gita, to Prime Minister Modi this year. For both American lawmakers, this really was a ‘home-coming’ that the western media would prefer to ignore.

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Ranbir Singh : Writer and lecturer, HHR chairman : BA (Honours) History, MA History from School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London : , Have lectured previously at De Montfort University, London School of Economics, Contributor to various political and human rights discussion outfits.

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