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Video : Mauritius Kali Mata Mandir attacked and vandalized

Video :  Mauritius Kali Mata Mandir attacked and vandalized

When the Hindu community world over was busy in celebrating the Navratras, the Hindu community of Mauritius was aggrieved at another desecration of the Kali Temple.

This time, the desecration has been reported from Kali Mata Mandir, Bon Air Road, Triolet, Mauritius.

The desecration came to light after the devotees noticed that grease and paint were used to tarnish the images of Hindu deities on October 18th.

Till the writing of this report, no one has been apprehended for the attack on the Hindu Temple.

Last year several Kali Temples were attacked leaving the Hindu community hurt. At that time paint and body parts of animals were used by the assailants to attack Kali Hindu Temples.

Cases of discrimination in employment have also made several Hindu groups angry.

In Mauritius, 49% of the population are Hindus, followed by Christians (32%) and Muslims (17%). Namta Gupta   Currentirgger

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