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HHR Video : Maharshi Mahesh Yogi’s Criticism of Indian Constitution

HHR Video : Maharshi Mahesh Yogi’s Criticism of Indian Constitution

Maharshi Mahesh Yogi’s Criticism of Indian constitution read by Rajiv Malhotra

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In a 2001 publication called ‘Ideal India, the Lighthouse of Peace on Earth’, Maharishi Mahesh Yogi wrote the following:


Those people who are holding the reins of Indian administration should know their administration is not of Indian origin. The Indian Constitution, promoted by Jawaharlal Nehru, is non-Indian because it does not nourish the life of either Brahmanas, Kshatriyas, Vaishyas, or Shudras; it is only suited to Varn Shankar Shrisht – it is not suited for the survival and evolution of pure life.


It does not cater for the natural specialties of Brahmanas, Kshatriyas, Vaishyas, or Shudras; it does not even suit the requirements of Brahmachari, Grihastha, Vanaprastha, or Sanyas – it does not cater for the Varn Prasht Vyavastha – it is a copy of non-Indian ideals of life, which have resulted from thousands of years of slavery of foreign powers in India.

Through Devata Yagya and Anusthan, Bhakti, and Vedant, we are trying to bless the world from the ancient Indian heritage – the Vedic Heritage; but the Government of India is suppressing the reality of Indian life through its laws.

We strongly condemn the word “secular’ and the meaning of secularism that governs the administration of the Government of India, and which dismisses the scientific reality of Devatas and Yagyas and has put these most fundamental fields of intelligence out of government policy.

For India to be ideal, it has to rise to invincibility through the wisdom of the Veda; through devotion to Devatas and Yagyas and through the performance of Yagya and Anusthan for the individual to rise to his Cosmic Potential.

The deep roots of Dharma have been cruelly invaded by the British, American, and German Christian-oriented philosophy of life. It is a shame for Indians, living in the Land of the Veda, to allow the fundamentals of their Vedic Knowledge to be invaded and virtually crucified by the shallow and very superficial principles of Christendom – baseless principles of life in the name of national unity.

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