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Our survival depends on Ganga, stop polluting it

Our survival depends on Ganga, stop polluting it

On the eve of World environment Day on 5th June ‘Mahadev Ganga Mahotsav’ was organised in Delhi for a nationwide support for preservation of rivers and making them less pollutant.

A discussion was held at Siri Fort Auditorium on this day regarding “Clean Yamuna for a Clean Ganga” campaign. Panelists from politics and entertainment field were present on this occasion and shared their thoughts.

Member of Parliament from BJP, Tarun Vijay also shared his opinion. He said that first we have to take initiative to save Ganga and Yamuna River. Common people play a major role in polluting these rivers. They dispose idols of gods, which releases chemicals and pollutes the water.

While performing various prayers many devotees disposes ‘diya’, ‘bindi’, ‘plastics’ and ‘agarbattis’ which further pollutes the river water, he further said. He mentioned that under Environment Protection Act, strict punishment should be given to those who violate against the environment.

VARANASI: The country would witness the celebrations and religious bathing on the occasion of Ganga Dussehra on Tuesday but some scientists and environment conscious people are going to organise a programme to discuss issues related to river management at Mahamana Malviya Institute of Technology for the Ganga Management.

“It is time to do something meaningful to save our rivers for the survival of humanity,” said organiser Uday Kant Choudhary, a river scientist and former professor of civil engineering and coordinator of Ganga Research Laboratory, BHU. He said that increasing pollution, over-extraction of water and reduced flow of the Ganga are causing harm to the river.

Choudhary has propounded five theories of river management. His theories are based on renewable energy utilization system for the sustainable and cost-effective solution of flood, soil erosion, pollution, sharing of water and pollution modeling.

“The concept of river as living system was provided by sages in the Vedas, Puranas and other epics. This needs to be applied in the field of science and technology. The world continues to suffer from flood, soil erosion, water pollution and other river related problems despite high level of scientific achievements,” he said. Under the living concept, it is found that the constituents, organs, energies and working potential of river systems are inter-related as they are in our body. His five theories of river system are ‘Theory of flood mitigation’, ‘Confluence theory of meandering management’, ‘Theory of three gradients for river pollution management’, ‘Theory of water sharing and theory of pollution modelling’.

Choudhary said that various issues and problems related to Ganga would be discussed by the experts. The model of Ganga at Varanasi prepared by him would also be open for students. Various organisations like Sankat Mochan Foundation and Ganga Seva Abhiyanam would organise events to mark the occasion.

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