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Trash Mobbing the Victims of 26/11 (Mumbai)

Trash Mobbing the Victims of 26/11 (Mumbai)

Mumbai attacks 26.11

The release of the online Flash Mob Mumbai video showing the spoilt western wannabe youth of Mumbai dancing on the very site of gruesome terrorist attacks at the rail station would be laughable if it was not so insulting to the memory of those innocent people who lost their lives. Emulating a more famous event in London’s Liverpool Street the naïve and pathetic ‘kool yaars’ strut their stuff and encourage bemused onlookers to do the same. If there was ever a means of ‘getting down’ in the wake of further terrorist attacks, this is most definitely not it. It certainly would not be amusing if in the next Pakistan sponsored, backed and funded attack (the Mumbai attacks of 26/11 were by the terrorists’ own admission, merely a dress rehearsal for something much bigger and nastier) the Indian police and army started dancing in the same stupid manner when ordered by their superiors to ‘get down’ against a volley of bullets, shells and bombs. Do the avant-garde detached elite chattering classes think that dancing will scare further terrorist attacks off?

But then this symptomatic of a general sclerosis within Hindu society as India edges forward in its belated attempts to join the modern world. Bollywood has transformed itself from being laughable yet escapist, to being trashy, cheap and narcissistic making it almost indistinguishable from softcore pornography. Even that boundary is crossed with the latest series of reality television show ‘Big Boss’ where hardcore porn star Sunny Leone (Kirran Malhotra) has decided to enter the house as a springboard for what she hopes will be the launch of her career in Bollywood. This is a country where elections are decided on whoever gives away free rice, flour, and television sets rather than actual policies. The Romans used to call this behaviour ‘bread and circuses’. Keep the masses supplied with cheap food and entertainment and they will not ask any inconvenient questions about the status quo and how they lived daily hand to mouth, unable and incapable of planning for an uncertain future. Like any addiction this form of escapism does not solve the problems at hand and is ultimately self-destructive.

Unlike the Romans the ancient culture of India has survived. The reason for this is the deep spiritual values which were the foundation of Hindu civilisation. It is this antiquity which the Pakistan-sponsored terrorists wished to destroy and will continue to attack until their holy war has annihilated it. However Hindu culture has no inherent right to survive.

Mumbai flash mob 2011

Looking at the pathetic display in the video under discussion its own worst enemy may not even be terrorism but a lack of faith in itself and the unspiritual dysfunctionality caused by dislocation from its own roots. India has only survived because of its spiritual values. Take these away and what do you have left? A porn ‘actress’ on prime time television, a film industry with even more fake ingredients and cheesiness than the contents of junk food, and a bunch of fools who think dancing in public works as some magic talisman to ward off evil terrorists. America’s response to 9/11was not football cheerleaders dancing to uninspiring emo boy band rubbish but unflinching patriotism which saw them going to the very hive of al-Qaeda itself, not too far from India itself.

Dancing on the site of the Twin Towers would be unthinkable. Even if it would be well-intentioned to show defiance and aspiration to communal harmony it would nevertheless quite rightly be seen as an insult to the memory of those killed in the attacks. In similar vein how does this stupid dancing in Mumbai honour the memory of those killed in cold-blood as the jihadis selected their specific Hindu, Jewish and western targets. Did Israeli commandos dance in order to end the hostage taking by terrorists at Entebbe airport in Uganda?

Why then do these spoilt brats think India should act any difference by taking some irrelevant moral high ground? The jihad ideology regards Bollywood and these very ‘cool yaars’ as examples of the degenerate Hindu culture which needs to be wiped from the face of the planet. If these bohemian youngsters with their fake American accents and adoption of the worst aspects of western culture which makes towns across Britain general no-go areas on Friday night with their morass of binge drinking, mindless violence and self-destructive behaviour, wish to continue in their passive naivety then they can do so without expecting the masses to follow them like sheep.

These soulless androids show disturbing parallels with the peaceniks on top of the U.S. Bank Tower in the science fiction film Independence Day: and we all know what happened to them. The same fate awaits the eager participants in the dancing video as they become the enthusiastic welcoming party for the next terrorist attack. These real-life buffoons are merely the next excuse for the terrorists to expunge those they regard as a detriment to human existence in their macabre revival of eugenics as they exterminate anyone they perceive as subhuman.

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