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Africa : Vishnu Kojo Coleman’s Journey to Sanatana Dharma

Africa : Vishnu Kojo Coleman’s Journey to Sanatana Dharma

25 years ago, I was born into a family of strong  Christians but of different denominations. Somewhere Anglicans, Catholics, Methodists and other  Christian faith. As a young child, I use to follow my parents to church. I was very active with the  Sunday school activities that, I realised my talents in singing, dancing and acting at a very tender age.

I was most of the time the leader during these talent sessions. I grew up with the idea that, God, is an old man above taking notes of all our deeds and will come back soon to reward each and every person according to his deeds. Those who did evil will be thrown into hell to burn forever. This brought fear into our lives as young children.  When I turned 18, I realised I lacked something spiritually in my life. I started reading about the  soul online. My house to the Hindu temple was just a stone throw. But earlier in Ghana, people had the mentality that Hinduism is idol worship and that every Hindu will go to hell.

They thought Hinduism is a deviation of God’s religious regulations. One day in October 2010, I took the bold step to visit the Hindu temple and know what exactly goes on there. My urge to study about Hinduism grew stronger each passing minute.

So, a very good friend Zenabu (now Priya) who had already embraced Sanatana Dharma led me to the temple one Friday morning. After Devi Abhishkem, she introduced me to one of the temple authorities who took me through Hinduism teachings everyday after Aarti. I felt at peace with God. I started putting my life together.
Image result for Swami GhanaEach day since that very opening day has been a blessing. Meeting and hearing the teachings of HH Swami Ghana and Saraswati Maharaj is a blessing. It wasn’t easy at first. Family and friends rejected me for becoming a Hindu. I lost quiet a number of friends in social media but I knew God is always going to be there for me. I always give thanks to God for His unfailing love. And also to Hindus in Ghana, who embraced me and took me as their brother while learning from them. Gradually, my family is getting to understand Hinduism.

They openly call me Vishnu. I’m so glad I had the strength to endure the troubles during the transition period. Thanks to all my friends for being there for me. Om Namo Narayanaya!

Vishnu Kojo Coleman

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