Monday 20th May 2024,
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Video : Christian Comedy : The Exorcist confronts Hindu demons

How comical this scene is but its a reflection on how the Christian religious right-wing see Hinduism as full of demons where the victim needs to be freed, while the left wing see Hinduism as ‘Hindu nationalism’ Hindu far-right supremacy where the victim needs to be freed from proving left and right are two sides of the same ‘white’ supremacy mindset but using different wording. Audrey Trukshe is a good example of ultra right-wing Christian backed by the left as we saw with the guardian giving her full support over some imaginary ‘global Hindutva’ meaning global Hindu demonic takeover

Ryan a convert who had a curse that went back 50 generations to some human and animal blood sacrifices — but Ryan is a Christian, and the Hindu demons in Ryan had to leave! So the Exorcist comes to fight the Hindu demons.Typical fraudulent Christian missionary propaganda.

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