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North East India : Hindu cremation ground vandalized by Christian Group

North East India : Hindu cremation ground vandalized by Christian Group
NONGPOH: A cremation ground of the Hindu community at Nongpoh area manned by Nongpoh Hindu Society was dismantled by one Rodnay Syngkli as authorized by Raid Nongkhrah under Nongpoh Elaka Sirdarship in Ri-Bhoi district prompting the Society to lodge a complaint with the police.

The cremation ground is located at Kjat Lum Kyntang of Raid Nongkhrah at 29 Mile, Phamrioh, GS road.

The traditional body, Raid Nongkhrah has claimed that the plot of land where the cremation ground was built belongs to Syngkli as per the letter issued by the Raid Nongkhrah to Nongpoh Hindu Society.

This is the only cremation ground of Hindu community at Nongpoh which is used for the last rites of the deceased, but now the Nongpoh Hindu Society is facing hardship as the cremation ground was dismantled and fenced by Syngkli.

Speaking to media persons on Thursday, Nongpoh Hindu Society president, Uteshwar Singh said that the Society was concerned about the dismantling of the cremation ground without prior information.

“The cremation ground was allocated by the Sub Divisional Officer in 1982 and it is being continuously used by the Hindus,” Singh said.
However, the Society was shocked when the Raid Nongkhrah issued a letter stating that the land belongs to Syngkli.

Singh also said that Raid Nongkhrah in 1999 had confirmed through documents that the cremation ground will be owned by the Hindu society to be used for the cremation purpose, but the letter issued to Society states that the plot of land belonged to Syngkli.

Taking serious note of the matter, the Society lodged an FIR at Nongpoh Police Station stating that Rodnay Syngkli and secretary of Raid Nongkhrah, D. Syngkli forcibly dismantled the cremation ground.

The FIR also said that the entire area of the cremation ground was fenced and that the Hindu Society has no place to carry out last rites of the departed.

The Society has urged the authorities concerned to take appropriate action against those involved.

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