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Time For The New Age Gurukula

Time For The New Age Gurukula

The Gurukula today that our generation of Hindus are trained in western thought cause of the language we are schooled in is English successfully isolating us from the Indian world view, further unlike our parent or grandparents who got their sanskara from their elders orally like doing the evening prayers etc, we lack all of that.

In this competitive world and has a tremendous lack of this value or rather people find no time for to inculcate this values in their child, this is the natural path towards material world dominated with western world view of using everything for self-interest which leads to broken families a mentally disturbed self and one who is craving for identity coupled this with most of the utterly ignorant hindu saints who talks of parmatika to this confused self and say all is one eventually making them either Christian (that to fundamental) or a regressive leftist both of this ideas arent a solution or even compatible with the Indian world view, which is right opposite of them.

So all this can be turned around, if we have an education institute which is proud of its hindu roots like many Christian schools here in India and provides the best in class facilities for the students. Now there are issues, that according to the law majority schools can’t teach their religious belief in schools but that is if it is made compulsory .Today with advent in science in cognitive field we know that some of hindu yog sadna are very helpful for students. The schools can give out optional choices where the child will undertake this and here we will not make any efforts to secularise but rather credit it to the original Hindu roots.

And comparative studies can be shown to parents so more student voluntary opt for these classes. The correct itias can be imparted by enacting plays, a discussion on hindu thought, debates can be held on regular basis for better understanding and grounding, the child should experience Indian villages where you find the true root alive, and also gives you a real life practical experience.

No longer your child will think that refrigerator gives us milk . The child should be trained not only in shastra but patriotic feeling must be inculcated and made physically fit too. Further we here in India are rapidly becoming monolinguals and that too English is becoming our only language of academic pursuit both in trade and Philosophy, It is even replacing our Indian pop culture which by no means is good.

I personally could not read the Indian languages well cause of being schooled in a English language, when I was drawn to philosophy for mental peace or just to understand life, in hard times the first person I read was a Greek Philosopher, so for a quite a long time I was secular(the Indian version) and hated the native Indian culture, It was only when I started to rediscover my roots, which where cause of miss representation of my family history in the history of Goa or sometimes not represented at all, I was skilled in reading the local language to prove my families history and in the process found facts which were life changing, this journey fascinated me as I discovered things which I was convinced that Indians could not do ever cause of the prejudice which was systematically fed in my mind, this made me read lot of Indian philosophers and I was stunned, I today totally understand that our ideas are superior and better and more accommodative then the west, western philosophy isnt yet matured in some sense.

So it is very Important to impart the knowledge in local language yet make them enough skilled in English as we know monolingual is no way better multilingual, where we could develop strong well rooted hindus who can compete at any world stage while being Proudly different.

Rohan Desai

Rohan Desai  runs  Technology company focused in Education called TechReEd, I am an IT Professional from Goa, had been active in open source community had been head of FUG india in year 2013

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