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Roger Waters Is Just Another Hinduphobic P**ck In The Wall

Roger Waters Is Just Another Hinduphobic P**ck In The Wall

A good example of the ‘white privileged wa*ker older male’ we often hear about is the one who claims to be fighting racism and acts ‘left-wing, progressive,  and liberal’ or whatever garbage political labels they use to sound elevated but then totally fail the racism test when suddenly their forefather’s filthy colonial racism and church hate against the Pagan suddenly resurfaces when comes to India and Hindus.

And it’s not a coincidence when you see them bashing Israel because that’s their forefather’s historical hate of the Jews and then their hate against India and Hindus because that’s their forefather’s historical hate against the heathen pagan. They just change the wording to hide behind so they don’t get called the racist filth they really are.

This is why they often side with Islamists because now they have a brown face to hide behind and also to share the religious hate against the same Hindu heathens.

 Musician Roger Waters is presently in a controversy over his recent stage act in Germany wearing a ‘Nazi-style’ trench coat which he claims is  “quite clearly” a statement against fascism, injustice, and bigotry’ and part of the costumes used in the movie based on Pink Floyd’s hit 1979 album “The Wall”, a critique of fascism..

But Jewish groups and politicians have called him out as being anti-Semitic regardless. But like a typical white privileged f**k face when it comes to India then suddenly the Robert Clive always comes out .

1. In 1973 the band #PinkFloyd released dark side of the moon. In 2023 we are seeing the dark side of Roger Waters. Just as with Jeremy Corbyn you can always see this white privilege of neo-racism and anti-semitism when it comes to India. The colonialist mindset remains.

2. Corbyn and Waters are notorious for their antisemitism masquerading as anti-racism. But what is less well known is their constant #Hinduphobia . Corbyn backed ‘freedom of Kashmir’ which meant extermination of its indigenous Hindu population by western-backed Islamic forces.

3. Waters has attacked Modi for wanting to keep Kashmir as part of India and stop the Islamic terrorists from wiping Hindus out. For this the jihadi forces are full of praise for him

4. India is the litmus test. You always know when they stick their nose into India, notably the Kashmir issue, it is because they still think of Hindus as filthy idol-worshiping heathen savages that need extermination or conversion.

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