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The Arya Samaj Malware

The Arya Samaj Malware

This article has been generated assuming that majority of the readers are familiar with the background of Arya Samaj, how it got started, its initial association with Brahmo Samaj and the later break off, its founder (Dayananda Saraswati), etc. The focus of this article is more on the situation of the Arya Samaj today and how it affects the mainstream of Hindu society today.

Just as an introduction the organization called “Arya Samaj” was formally registered in Mumbai (formerly Bombay State)  on April 10, 1875. The leader of this organization was Dayananda Saraswati who brought forth a completely new understanding of the Vedas. The aim of this organization called Arya Samaj was to propound Vedic Principles based on the understanding of Dayananda Saraswati.

However it also did a lot of work in the field of polemics, debating the Muslim and Christian missionaries who were having a field day abusing Hinduism, mistranslating Hindu scriptures and creating an overall atmosphere of enmity amongst several Hindu group by overstating the existing problems and creating new ones which probably didn’t have a basis in history.

While trying to achieve this task of creating a parallel organization that would expose the works of the Muslim and Christian polemics, the founder of the Samaj and many of its subsequent leaders happened to internalize the very ideology of the Abrahamics that they were opposing. This is where the problem started and went on to give Arya Samaj the face that it has become today.

While there is no denying the fact that Arya Samaj has given the Hindu community several leaders who have served the Hindu cause in a very admirable way, today the Arya Samaj has become a Trojan horse for the very people it sought to oppose. The person leading the Arya Samaj internationally one Agnivesh , who publicly denies that he’s a Hindu and yet wears saffron robes just to fool Hindus, is a known Hindu hater.

He has been involved in several serious anti Hindu activities including colluding with know Christian fanatics like John Dayal and others. Just a few years back he landed himself into a major controversy when he gave an interview on his visit to Kashmir where he referred to the Sri Amaranath shrine (a very important Hindu pilgrimage center) using his pseudo scientific principles. He was being hosted by a man called Syed Ali Shah Geelani, a popular jihadi enabler and Hindu hater who wants the state of Jammu and Kashmir to be acceded to Pakistan. It is said that show me a man’s friends and I will tell you what his politics is.

Probably the same could be applied to Agnivesh and so we can understand the politics of this man. On previous occasions Agnivesh has been know to hobnob with several Anti Hindu activists like Teesta Setalvad, Medha Patkar, etc, who are all too well know for their Hindu baiting ways. While not Arya Samajis may subscribe to Agnivesh’s ideology, most Arya Samajis by and large “know’ that the mainstream Hindu are apostates and are basically non-conformists to the message of the Vedas which according to them subscribes to absolute monotheism.

The problem with this view is that not even a single Hindu text in the history of existence of our civilization agrees with these views. As mentioned earlier the Arya Samaj has internalized various aspects of the Monotheist creed which it was supposedly formed to form, they leave no stone unturned in not only criticizing doyens of various Hindu schools of thought but go on a maligning spree in which Hindus were basically living is some sort of Dark Age before the emergence of Dayananada Sarasti (notice the Islamic parallel of Jahilliyah or the Pre-Islamic age of ignorance/darkness).

The main claim to fame of Arya Samaj during all these years has been that they’re the only ones who initiated the Shuddhi ceremonies (conversion to Hinduism for lack of a better word). This claim is based on untruth, both historical as well scriptural. There are at least three smritis : Deval Smrititi, Parashar Smriti and the Kashyapa Smriti that are exclusively dedicated to the purpose of conversions and there have been several Hindu leaders who have carried out conversions on a massive scale in the past (The conversion of the meities, Ahoms, etc being the most recent examples). However even in the face of plenty of evidence in favour of Shuddhi being an established institution within the mainstream of Hinduism the Arya Samajis continue to bash Hindus while thriving on their grants.

The Arya Samaji hatred towards all things held sacred and pious by Hindus including murti pooja, multiplicity of divinity, etc is all too well know. All one has to do is to go through the literature written by the Arya Samajis and their cryto versions to see the what they think of established Hindu institutions. In fact they have a major problem with the word Hindu itself and some of their scholars go on to describe the meaning of the word Hindu as some who is a slave, a drunkard, as bastard, etc. ( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aUqsia-BNrY ) Far from doing anything positive for the Hindu Samaj today, The Arya Samajis are actively propogating venomous hatred both online as well as in real life against Hinduism and somehow claiming that not following Dayananda’s version of the Vedas (which is incorrect to a large extent if not completely incorrect) without examining the state of their Samaj. In fact they deridingly refer to the mainstream Hindus as “Pauranic Hindu”.

This is the biggest sin possible as per the dogmas of the Samajis, chiefly because of their claims that the Puranas are filled with “pornographic” literature and even go on to claim that our itihas is full of “shameless” acts that defy their Victorian/Islamic models of what decency is.

Its not uncommon to find Arya Samajis siding with the bleeding hearts of the world, the Donigers, the Marxists, the liberals, the Muslim apologists, the Christian Missionaries, et al. The reason is very simple, the very things that create hatred in the hearts of these bleeding hearts are the same that tend to irritate if not anger the Samaj regarding the mainstream Hindus. The new breed of Arya Samajis are completely different uit. If one goes through their impassioned polemics one will only realize that they try to make up in logical fallacies and incorrect translations of the Vedas what they can’t do in a systematized and constructive manner.

From completely denying evolution to denouncing Hindu deities like Mahadeva and Kali as subhuman and labeling puranas as “books of pornography” there is a never ending list that one can bring up in order to make a case regarding the Trojan nature of the Arya Samaj. It is very often that people who use Arya Samaji literature get caught up defending the monotheistic position via the real monotheists because the Vedas don’t speak of monotheism. At a more fundamental level this also shows an inherent inferiority complex in the minds of those who consider their ideological opponents as superior to them thereby internalizing their ideology and thus causing more harm than good.

How often do we hear the Arya Samajis preach Western Reductionist Rationalism to Hindus, as if Hindus had never heard about it earlier. The techniques in logic of the Poorvi Mimasikas ,that the Arya Samajis tried their best to ape and failed, was never about imposing their “beliefs” upon the rest of the Hindus. Infact the very definition of Aastika and Naastika is understood as thus historically and contemporalily by the Hindu Samaj “One who holds the Vedas Supreme”. Faith based hatred has never been a part of the Hindu civilization (except in a few cases). Sadly since the reading of the Arya Samajis of Hindu History and Hindu philosophy is extremely poor or they like to overlook historical facts, is the reason why they are today nearing the end of existence.

While Arya Samaj has done several good things in the past, we can safety say in the light of the present state of the Arya Samaj that its no longer a force for Dharma, rather a Trojan for the very people who’s desire it has been to destroy Sanatana Dharma since a very long time.

 by an Ex Arya Samaji

More on the true face of the Arya Samaj

Here’s an interaction with Dr Vivek Arya from the Arya Samaj Group known as Agniveer who sent the following anti hindu propaganda with distortions and misinterpretations of the Puranas which shows the true face of the Arya Samaj of what really think of Hinduism .

Visit glimpse of porn in hindu scriptures. this will specially satisfy your porn addiction.biggest stupidness of pauranic hindus is that they read porn in puranas along with their sisters daughters and mother saying as lila. ‘ what about perverted pron stuff of puranas on krishna with kubja in mathura. Your stage of sexual perversion proves that you Hindus were fed by porn stories of puranas by your  grandmother before sleep.AIDS and Neurosyphilis are diseases of pauranics as they are inspired from adult manual pauranas.’Dr Vivek Arya..

This is the following that this Dr Vivek Arya then sends :

Pornography in Ramayana

“Dr. Charles claims that ramayana contains much pornographic material and cannot be read in public. He gives the following examples.

Rama’s description of Sita’s beauty which is lewdly detailed (refer to C.R. Srinivasalyengar’s translation of Aryana Kandam, Chapter 46).  In Kiskind Kandam, Rama explains to Lakshmana of his sexual experience with Sita. According to Ramayana, the Aryans (Brahmins) used to drink liquor (nine different kinds), eat meat, marry many wives and prostitution was an accepted way of life amongst the priests and gods.

Ramayana also recounts the “story of King Dasharatha”, who in order to have a baby son, made a big sacrrifice (yaham) of sheep, cattles, horses, birds and snakes. He then delivered his three wives Kaushaliya, Sumatirai and Kaikeyi to three priests. These holy men, having fully satisfied their carnal desire, returned the ladies to the King. By this means, the king was able to have three  sons – Ram, Lakshman and Bharat (Bala kandam, Chapter 14. For more details on yaham, refer to the book “Gnana Surian”, published by Kudi Arasu Press).  

The Ramayan tells us much about the unlawful relationship of incest but we do not feel it appropriate or decent for us to go into details. (Please refer to Aranya Kandam, Chapter 45, Verses 122, 123, 124 and 125).

The following Hindu practices will reveal how immorality and indecency are sanctified in the name of Hinduism.

Lingam & Yoni

Lingam and Yoni are the male and female sexual organs respectively. Hindus are allowed to worship anything – including sexual organs. It is not unknown for them to name their children Shiva Lingam (God Shiva’s sexual organ) or RamaLingam (God Rama’s sexual organ). In some place in Karnataka, the gods demand both males and females ro pray naked together.

Devadasi (Religious Prostitution)

The Devadasi system was set up, according to a Times of India report (10-11-1987) as a result of a conspiracy between the feudal class and the priests (Brahmins). The latter, with their ideological and religious hold over the peasants and craftsmen, devised a means that gave prostitution their religious sanction. Poor, low-caste girls, initially sold at private auctions, were later dedicated to the temples. They were then initiated into prostitution.

 Bharat Natyam & The Brahmins

The Bharat Natyam is a dance performance which, because of the Brahmin media, has gained much recognition as a form of art. The celebrated Bharat Natya expert, Rukminii Devi, admits in a National Geographic video programme, that the Bharat Natya was really the art of Devadasi (temple prostitutes) to please their audience and admirers. This is the reason why you might have seen various Bharatha Natya’s postures in Hindu temples.

Maybe like the art of KARATE to the japanese, the BHARAT NATYAM is a national art of the Brahmins and very much part of their culture.The Kamasutra Brahminism has also created Kamasutra – a set of instructions on how to have sexual intercourse. Some of the postures detailed in Kamasutra are so complex that they only be performed with the help of one or more ASSISTANTS!

The Devadasii System Thrives

UNI. – TIMES OF INDIA – 10th Nov. 1987: confirms that the practice of dedicating young Harijan girls (mahars, Mangs, Dowris and Chambhar) at childhood to a goddess, and their initiation into prostitution when they attain puberty continues to thrives in Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh and other parts of South India. This is largely due to social backwardness, poverty and illiteracy, according to a study by two doctors of the India healthOrganisation.

The report clearly indicates that the Devadasi system was the result of a conspiracy between the feudal class and the priests (Brahmins), who with their ideological and religious hold over the peasants and craftsmen, devised a practice which acquired religious sanction. They noted in their study on – “Devadasis – the link between religious culture and child prostitution”.

The study revealed that girls from poor families are married to God Krishna and are sold after puberty at private auctions to a high caste master who initially pays a sum of money to the families ranging from Rs 500/- to Rs 5,000/-.

The study, made during health camps organised by the World Health Organisation (WHO) in the devadasi populated areas, revealed that the dedicated girls formed 15 percent of the total women involved in prostitution in the country, and as much as 70 percent to 80 percent of the prostitutes in the border districts of karnataka and Maharashtra.

The Naked Hindu Yogis of Kashi

Many of the Yogis of Kashi (Banaras) live naked and beg for their living. They live in dirty, unhygienic conditions and drug addiction is rife among them.  Our so-called leaders and intellectuals have all contributed to the superstitious beliefs and they have helped these saints to thrive and practice deceptive methods to cheat the public. It is an utter shame that among the worshippers of such naked godmen, there are a number of high court judges, advocates, engineers, doctors, professors, politicians, cinema actors and  actresses.

 For more details on these Hindu saints and Yogis, watch the documentary video – “SHOCKING ASIA” – which is available from the following address:  Atlas International Film GmbH, Munich, Germany.Replay Video, London.  Distribution First Film Organisation, Hong Kong.

 Stark Naked Baths! AGENCIES News Agency reports on 23.09.1987 that at Kurushetra (India) about 1,000 NAKED Hindu “Sadhus” (saints) plunged themselves into the river during a olar eclipse, claiming this to be a “holy dip”. Over one million pilgrims, naked and semi-naked, both male and female, also followed them into the river.

The largest of the pools is Brahmasarovar, and is said to accommodate 100,000 bathers at a time. There was still no room for everyone in the water at one time and there was much pushing and shoving. The huge crowds waiting on the banks barely had space to turn around. People crowded the shore waiting for their chance. This is the position of “holy dip” everywhere in India. A haryana Government spokesman said that they posted 20,000 policemen to avoid misuse of this mixing opportunity for perverted reasons.

 In addition to this spectacle, the pilgrims also look directly at the sun with the naked eye. Scientists and doctors strongly advise against this as it is likely to cause blindness.

Now Dr Vivek Arya attacks Lord Shiva with more christian missionary propaganda :


 According to the Hindu Holy books, God Brahma arranged the marriage of god Shiva to goddess Parvathi. When they went around the fire as per Hindu religious ritual, god Shiva looked at the thighs of goddess parvathi and ejaculated his semen into the fire and they became Rishis (priests). According to the Hindu Puranas this “god” can do such a filthy act!

As per Hindu ‘PURANA’ – Once god Shiva was on ‘Bhu prdakshin’ (touring the earth) and saw an extraordinarily beautiful lady, who was a wife of a sage and fell in Love!! > The god Shiva was so desperate to love her that one day early in the morning, when the sage went to take a bath in the river, he (Shiva) went to their ‘kutira’ (house), disguising himself as her husband and started having sex with her!! (Sitaram’s interjection: STOP AND THINK, IS THIS REALLY SO RADICALLY DIFFERENT FROM GOD THE FATHER CAUSING MARY, BETROTHED TO JOSEPH, TO BE WITH CHILD AND GIVE BIRTH TO JESUS???) While god Shiva having sex, the sage returned after a bath and furious to see Shiva having sex with his wife and pushed him!!. Enraged by the disturbance, god Shiva started hitting the sage by his Linga (PENIS). To save his life, the poor sage started to run and the penis of Shiva also started growing to hit the villain, the sage, wherever he ran!!. The sage ran whole ‘Bhoo Loka’(world) then ran to ‘Dev Loka’ (world of gods) and pleaded Indra, king of dev loka, to save his life from god Shiva. But Indra, explaining his helplessness advised him (the sage) to go to Vishnu, another god. But Vishnu advised him only Brahma, another god, can save him from the wrath of Shiva, whose penis is still following and hitting the sage. Brahma felt pity at the sage and to save him requested Parvathi, wife of god Shiva, to put the penis of Shiva in her ‘Yoni’ (vagina) and Brahma started anointing(messaging) the penis with milk etc.

Enjoyed by this god Shiva spared the life of that poor sage. So the hindus started worshipping ‘Shiva Lingam’ (or penis of god Shiva). If u ever see at the picture of Shivalingam, please note that the upper part is Shiva Lingam and the ‘stand’ is not other than ‘Yoni’ of Parvathi!!. What a great religion!!!. 

Sex with Cows

In many Hindu temples, there are sculptures depicting men having sex not only with women but also cows. What is the meaning of this? Is not the cow sacred?                If it is, then it should be worshipped not sexually assaulted!

Above was sent by Dr Vivek Arya to many Hindus





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