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Video : A Real Sikh Exposing KhaliNazis AKA Khalistanis Supported By The UK Police

Video : A Real Sikh Exposing KhaliNazis AKA Khalistanis Supported By The UK Police

Harman Singh Kapoor, a Sikh restaurant owner in London, UK was seen in a viral video where his car was allegedly vandalised by Khalistan supporters. Speaking to ANI, he revealed that he was attacked and threatened by pro-Khalistanis. “I have been staying in the UK for 26 years. In the last 1.5 years, the Khalistani movement has been active in the UK. I posted a video on this and it went viral. For over 9 months, I have been getting threats and there have been attacks on me as well. They wanted me to remove this video and apologise to them, but I refused.

Since I was staying in London, I thought I was safe, but I was wrong. They tortured me mentally, sent online threats and on 25th February 2023, they attacked me. The people who came to attack me were Sikhs. They are defaming Sikhs, Hindus and India. I want this fight to end. No actions were taken by the officials, they only recorded my complaint. Police are not arresting them, the Khalistanis are roaming free. Khalistanis have support from the Police. Khalistanis are their political assets there. If a countryman is attacked, the accused should be arrested but in my case, these Khalistanis were not arrested by Police.”



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